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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Soggy but GREAT LPO Concert in Palmer Park

"Dear (soggy) friends and neighbors,
Thank you to all of you who came out in support of the LPO concert in the park last night.

Thanks to the LPO and all of their wonderful staff and musicians for their commitment to the Carrollton Community.

Thanks soooooo much to everyone at Robert's for helping in too many ways to mention. The funding, the barbecue, the advertising, the hard work, etc.....
(Miguel, Darren, Mark... you guys are great!)

Thanks to the residents of Carrollton (especially Cathy Franklin) who helped get those signs out and assisted in spreading the word.

Although the concert had to end VERY prematurely, it was amazing to see how many people came out on a Monday night, with the imminent threat of rain, in a park that was already wet- to enjoy this concert. I think it is pretty clear now we want to be part of the regular "Park concert" schedule with the LPO.

All the best,
Anne Fuselier - Palmer Park"

I hope that Ann is right and that the turn out for only the 2nd EVER Concert in Palmer Park, ON a MONDAY, WITH RAIN THREATENING! proves that Palmer Park is a lively happy place to have MORE outdoor concerts and performances.

Think back to your PreKatrina life and imagine how hard it would have been to convince people that this could happen in Palmer Park. I remember going to those horrid and endless planning meetings and talking up Palmer Park. I remember how many people "trash talked" the park and its location. I remember how many other people said what a hidden and forgotten jewel this park was.

I will be forever grateful to Voodoofest 2006 kicking the MidCity Art Market out of City Park and how because of all those endless planning meetings the idea for Palmer Park and the Art Market popped up. I remember how amazed and thrilled we all were when the Art Market was a raging success and decided to return to Palmer Park and then to make it their permanent home.

I am very grateful to Roberts for being such a good neighbor and helping sponsor the LPO concert.

What we've proved here in this little corner of New Orleans is that we have not just survived the PostKatrina ravages but that WE ARE THRIVING!

Thank you Anne and Palmer Park for fighting for the return of the LPO Concert.
Here's to NEXT YEAR!

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Unknown said...

You are so welcome. It was all my pleasure!
Anne Fuselier