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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Booker Enterprises 1st Adjudication Hearing - 8232 Apricot

The Bureau of Administrative Adjudication
in the Office of Recovery & Development Administration, City of New Orleans,
is scheduled to hear the following cases at 1340 Poydras St., Suite 1100.

8232 Apricot St.
Booker Enterprises LLC.
P.O. Box 2311220
Harahan, LA 70123
09-003330 10/8/09 9:15 AM

The purpose of these hearings is to determine if the properties at the locations listed below should be declared blighted pursuant to the provisions of Section 28-38 of the City Code or a public nuisance pursuant to the provisions of Section 28-37, et seq., of the City Code. If the property is declared blighted, it is eligible for expropriation and if the property is declared a public nuisance, it is eligible for demolition.

Booker was a No Show at the Hearing.
%500 fine + $75.00 court fees
plus %500 a day starting 30 days from now if the issues are not addressed.








8232-34 Apricot is one of 3 GREAT HOUSES side by side owned by Carrie Booker. These houses are in a National Historic Register District with LOADS of potential. It is demoralizing to have these houses rotting away in front of our eyes, next to fabulous houses that have been written up in the Times Picayune Inside Out. We’re submitting the May Times Picayune article as part of this packet.
There are all types of debris around the property: debris left over from partial construction, debris left over from damage from tornado or flood. There is broken glass, there are nails, on the porch, all around the house.
This is only a block away from a Head Start Center and 2 blocks away from Lafayette School. There is nothing to stop a kid walking to or from school from venturing into this dangerous area.
Because the houses are open, both windows and doors, there is nothing stopping anyone from entering and this creates the threat of fire, provides a place for drug dealers and other nefarious folks to use this as a shelter or storage place.
There is a water leak which has made the ground very near the sidewalk dangerously slippery and easy for someone to sink into.
The only reason these properties don't look worse is because the neighborhood has had 2 cleanup activities (2007 & 2009) and we do what we can to keep the sidewalks clear. It is the opinion of the neighborhood association that the owner is currently allowing the properties to be demolished by neglect.

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