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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Toris Young indicted for stealing SBA money

See FULL Article below from Times Picayune. Bibleway owns multiple properties in NorthWest Carrollton and these property significantly contribute to blight.  With the "owner" in jail already and now indicted.... What happens to the properties....??? Or do we have to just keep looking at the blight?
Laura Maggi, The Times-Picayune
A New Orleans minister already serving time in federal prison for bank fraud and forgery was indicted Thursday by a federal grand jury that found he stole almost $1 million in U.S. Small Business Administration loans that were supposed to be used to rebuild his church after Hurricane Katrina.
The Rev. Toris Young was photographed in April 2009.
The Rev. Toris Young, former pastor of Greater Bibleway Missionary Baptist Church in Hollygrove, made a name for himself in recent years by teaming with local rapper Corey "C-Murder" Miller on an anti-crime initiative when Miller was under a murder indictment in Jefferson Parish. Miller was convicted shortly after that initiative was announced. Young also led a failed recall effort against former U.S. Rep. Anh "Joseph" Cao.
Young, 40, is being held at  a federal prison in Pollock after pleading guilty to bank fraud and identity theft. According to the federal Bureau of Prisons website, Young is scheduled to be released in two years.
The new indictment, released by U.S. Attorney Jim Letten's office, charged Young with mail fraud and theft of government money. He received $500,000 in SBA loans to rebuild the church after his initial application on Sept. 10, 2005. The following year, Young received a loan increase, bringing his total loan amount to $963,900.
According to the indictment, Young told the SBA in May 2006 that he had spent $655,240 rebuilding the church. But Young actually stole the money, the indictment stated.
If convicted of the new charges, Young will face maximum prison sentences of 10 years for theft and 20 years for mail fraud. Letten's office also filed a notice of forfeiture to require Young to repay the stolen money.
Laura Maggi can be reached at or 504.826.3316.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Save Our Shipyard

Dear Greater New Orleans Neighborhood Association,

I'm writing to you because you and the community you are a part of are concerned about and active in making your community the best it can possibly be.

As someone who has been working with Avondale SOS--the campaign to save Avondale shipyard and the 5,000 jobs of the workers at the yard, as well as the 6,500 jobs that rely on the yard--I thought you would be interested in the recent survey about how housing prices will be decimated by the slated closure of the shipyard. 

A study conducted by UNO professors released this week found that the proposed closure of the Avondale Shipyard "will depress housing values by more than 20 percent in the West Bank communities close to the shipyard. One quarter of real estate professionals surveyed in the study also said values could decline by more than 20 percent for communities throughout the entire New Orleans region." The full study is available here.

In an interview with the Times-Picayune, Professor Steve Striffler, who worked on the survey said, "I think we were surprised that almost uniformly, Realtors not only saw this as a problem in the area right around Avondale, but more broadly."  You can read the full Times-Pic article here.

This closure is not a done deal.  In fact, there is a much better option for the workers, our neighborhoods, and for the Greater New Orleans area as a whole.  Avondale shipyard could move from producing Navy ships to producing commercial ships, which gives New Orleans thousands of middle-class jobs that will be around for years to come.

This Saturday, October 1, there is a Rally and March to keep the shipyard building ships and for us to show that we will not stand by and let our communities suffer a loss that does not need to happen.  We are assembling at 10am at the Superdome, marching down Poydras at 10:30am, and rallying at the Hale Boggs Federal Building (500 Poydras at Camp St.) at 11am for an hour of speakers. 

The speakers at the rally show that this is a moment where everyone in the Greater New Orleans community is coming together, and include Congressmen Cedric Richmond and Steve Scalise, as well as Jefferson Parish President John Young and New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, as well as the Chairman of American Feeder Lines--a company that wants build commercial ships at Avondale, which will help maintain the $2 billion/year that the shipyard provides to our economy.

I'm asking you to please send this information on to the residents of your community, and let them know that their voices will be heard and that their attendance will make a difference.

If you have any questions, please contact me at or give me a call at 504-564-3153.

Thanks, and hope to see many, many concerned citizens voicing their opinion at the rally on Saturday.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Local Carrollton Business Listings

See the link to Carrollton Area Businesses on Stay Local

Right at the end of the streetcar line... Roberts' has great prepared food.

And Red Star on Earhart has great Chinese Take Out/Delivery.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Walking.... using the sidewalks... what a concept!

Agree completely wiht the Op Ed published in the TP this past Wednesday September 21, 2011.
Now tell us WHEN will the 2nd Phase of the FEMA sidewalk repairs begin????
WHEN will we get parking enforcement so people STOP parking on the sidewalks?????

Have a read.....
Make walking to school safe for children: a letter to the editor

With childhood obesity rates that have more than tripled in the past 30 years, our nation's children need more opportunities to be physically active to reduce their risk for heart disease and stroke. Sixty-five percent of adolescents (and 50 percent of adults) do not get the recommended amount of physical activity each day. Physical inactivity and childhood obesity pose a serious threat to our kids' health, increasing their risk of cardiovascular disease as adults.

American Heart Association data indicates that only 13 percent of children walk or bike to school today, down from nearly 50 percent in 1969 -- but studies have shown that schools receiving infrastructure improvements through the Safe Routes to School program increased walking and bicycling by 20 to 200 percent. Walking one mile to and from school each day equals two-thirds of the recommended level of physical activity per day, and children who walk to school are more physically active throughout the day. In Louisiana alone, tens of thousands of people living within a half-mile of a school could benefit from Safe Routes to School projects that improve the environment for walking and bicycling. Funds offered through the Safe Routes to School program could help many families recapture the joy many of us vividly recall walking to and from school.

As a volunteer with the American Heart Association's You're the Cure network, we urge Rep. Bill Cassidy, a doctor, to support the Safe Routes to Schools program in the transportation bill. We believe that establishing fun and safe walking and biking routes in our communities is essential since some schools don't provide daily physical education.

Louisiana has just been designated at the nation's third-most obese state with a 30 percent prevalence of adult obesity. This program can create opportunities to provide solutions toward preventing childhood obesity. Our elected officials have the power to make it easier for kids to lead healthy lives which will lead to a healthier Louisiana.

Albert D. Sam II
National spokesman
American Heart Association
Baton Rouge

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tell me again WHY we have a Master Plan????


On Thursday, September 22, the City Council will take up a proposal to allow a 190’ tower in the French Quarter, at the corner of Rampart and Canal.  While VCPORA (Vieux Carre) supports the redevelopment of that parcel, we cannot and do not support the specifics of the plans that are under consideration.  We believe that the proposed building’s design would harm the character, charm and tout ensemble of our neighborhood, but just as importantly, that approval of this plan would seriously undermine the Master Plan via a huge override of its companion Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance.


Please tell the City Council that we want to end the era of ad hoc planning and what Council President Jackie Clarkson has called the practice of developers “kissing the ring” to get what they want. Ask them respectfully to vote against this proposal by the developer of 1031 Canal.
And please try to attend the City Council meeting next Thursday, September 22.  (We don't know exactly what time this matter will come up, but hope to have
a better idea by early next week and will share that with you)
Suggested email text below (feel free to edit, or to write your own)
Email addresses:,,,,,,,
Dear City Council Members:

I’m writing to urge you to vote against the proposal to allow a massive 190’ building at the corner of Canal and Rampart Streets.

The City Planning Commission staff’s recommendation – based on the new proposed Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO) – is for a height limit of 120’ on Canal Street and 70’ on Iberville Street.  An approval for anything in excess of those heights would violate the spirit and intent of the Master Plan, which was supposed to end the practice of allowing parcel-by-parcel zoning changes, ushering in an era of fairness and predictability to our land use decisions.

Citizens voted to enshrine the Master Plan in the City Charter to ensure that it could not be tinkered with.  Changes, when needed, should be made to entire districts, not for individual properties and their property owners.  That’s not good planning and it’s not fair.

A vote for this project would break faith with the tens of thousands of citizens who want to create a local economy driven by a strong efficient planning process.

Please, vote no to this 1031 Canal proposal – to protect the invaluable, irreplaceable French Quarter, and to demonstrate support for the Master Plan and CZO!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

PRC Great Neighborhood Celebration

Houses for sale in NorthWest Carrollton. 
There's something for everyone!

Great Location @ 2821 Dublin $189,995
Beautiful! Inside and Out @ 2821 Dublin $189,995

Beautiful! Inside and Out @ 8201 Pritchard Place $389,000 8201 Pritchard Place $389,000

For Sale By Owner @ 8211 Apricot  $240,000
For Sale By Owner @ 8211 Apricot  $240,000

Work’s already Done @ 2517 Dante  $169,000

Great Double @ 8132 Belfast $158,000
8309 Belfast $79,000So much potential! @ 8309 Belfast $79,000
Short Sale  @ 8315 Belfast $60,000
8315 Belfast

Pretty Inside, Great Deck @ 8517 Belfast  $140,000
Pretty Inside, Great Deck @ 8517 Belfast  $140,000

Huge Property … needs love! @ 2616 Joliet  $29,000
JP Morgan Chase to Federal National Bank for $106,648
Huge Property … needs love! @ 2616 Joliet  $29,000

House & Lot in great shape @ 2505 Leonidas  $169,0002505 Leonidas  $169,000

Cute on the corner @ 8400 Apple  $115,000Cute on the corner @ 8400 Apple  $115,000

With thanks to
Ruthie Winston @ Keller Williams Realty New Orleans

Palmer Park Event: EACH ONE SAVE ONE Barbeque

When: Saturday, September 17th
What Time: 11am-5pm
Where: Palmer Park
1st annual EACH ONE SAVE ONE Q'n for Kids BBQ Fundraiser on Saturday, September 17th, 2011.
Join in for great food, great fun, and a little competition for a great cause-presented by our sponsors EZ PARKER!!!!!!!!!!!!
Q'n for Kids is a BBQ Cook Off event at New Orleans Palmer Park on September 17th to support Each One Save One, a 501c3 nonprofit charity that provides mentors to public school children in the Greater New Orleans Area.
Up to 40 Amateur BBQ teams will compete in 8 categories with trophies/prizes awarded.
This is an exclusive annual fundraiser with all profits going to Each One Save One. Sponsorships and vendors are welcome, hand selected, limited and exclusive. Amateur BBQ teams proudly compete and raise money for Each One Save One.
Local Celebrities/Chefs will judge the BBQ competition, along with the public voting for their favorite in the overall People's Choice category. Our first selected judge is Joel Moore, owner of Pop's BBQ on the Northshore. Find about more about Joel at his website,!
General admission to the event is free for the public with unlimited BBQ sample bracelets available for just a $10 purchase good from 11am-2pm.
BBQ Team registration opens July 8th on our BBQ page at
Saturday, Sept. 17th: 11am-6:00pm Open to General Public Free Admission
($10 BBQ sample pass from 11am-2pm)
-Judging of the barbeque prepared by 40 amateur teams
-Competition of Best Decorations and People's Choice
-Wristbands sold to the public for $10 for unlimited BBQ samples from 11am-2pm
-Dedicated children's area with fun activities!
-Vendor booths and promotional products available
-Beer, soft drinks, water and food sold
-Games and Raffles with lots of great prizes
-5PM All awards at main stage
-BBQ, Beer, & Fun...

Reported to Sewerage & Water Board

We'll give S&W a month before we escalate. Feel free to report and report again.
YOU CAN make a difference.

Use this link to report S&W issues.  PLEASE report the ones below again. It can't hurt!

Carrollton Sidewalk Swamp
The sidewalk is a swamp in front of 2522 S. Carrollton.

Dante @ Pritchard
Leaking Fire Hydrant 2900 Dante @ Pritchard.

8200 Apricot
Water Leak near 8329 Apricot... Rollover curbs kill S&W infrastructure....
Parking enforcement could solve many problems.

S & W Leak Joliet @ Apricot
On Joliet between 8400 & 8500 Block of Apricot.

 S&W Leak on Dante @ Apricot
Very similar leak on Dante between 8200 & 8300 block of Apricot.

Leonidas S&W Leak between Pritchard & Apricot
Continuing Leak @ 2820 Leonidas

Incomplete Street Repairs on Leonidas

8500 Block of Belfast S&W Leak - slippery sidewalk
In the 8500 Block of Belfast

We'll give S&W a month before we escalate. Feel free to report and report again.
YOU CAN make a difference.
Use this link to report S&W issues.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Opportunities for Minority/Women Owned Businesses

Local businesses can access contracts to provide products and services for the Men’s Final Four basketball tournament in 2012. 

The first thing you will need to do is become certified through the City of New Orleans. 

The certification process is outlined below.  Presently the City’s certification process takes about 60 days provided you submit a correct, complete application.  Questions?  Call the Office of Supplier Diversity:  504-658-4235.  The deadline to complete your registration is November 30, 2011.  A complete registration means you’re business is certified as a MWBE.

Do these things:
1.       Register your business with the NCAA at  (you should do this immediately.  As soon as you finish reading this e-mail)

2.       Become certified through the City of New Orleans Office of Supplier Diversity: 
Call if you have questions:  504-658-4235

3.       Become certified through the Women’s Business Enterprise Council:
Call if you have questions:  504-830-0149

4.       Become certified through the Louisiana Minority Supplier Development Council:
Call if you have questions:  504-293-0400

Presently the City’s certification process takes about 60 days provided you submit a correct, complete application.  Questions?  Call the Office of Supplier Diversity:  504-658-4235.  The deadline to complete your registration is November 30, 2011.  A complete registration means you’re business is certified as a MWBE.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Free Title Clearing and More

A new title clearing collaborative was recently formed by
Louisiana Appleseed, Southeast La. Legal Services.

The Pro Bono Project, and the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.  The collaborative will work together to help 400 low-income home owners in Orleans Parish clear title to their property free of charge, enabling residents to rebuild, make productive use of their land, and build wealth and assets.   

The attorneys can also help with successions, property liens, blight judgments, co-owner disputes, and tax sales.

Volunteers are available to come speak to your community about property and title clearing.  They will also distribute copies of Louisiana Appleseed’s “Protect Your Property” booklet and talk about how these free legal services can be accessed.   

If you are interested in scheduling an outreach event for your group, please contact Jessie Haynes, Program Director of Louisiana Appleseed, at 504-561-7304 or

To learn more about the collaborative, go to

This notice care of New Orleans Office of Neighborhood Engagement (ONE)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tire Piles on Leonidas

There are 2 tire piles on Leonidas

This one at 8604 Apple now sports abandoned vehicles. 
Despite its Apple Street address is fronts on Leonidas
Abandoned Cars & Tires on Leonidas @ Apple
The owner of record on New Orleans Assessors Website is
Mailing Address 7808 COLAPISSA ST
Location Address 8604 APPLE ST

There is a tire pile and what appears to be an illegal business at 8539 Apple
Again this tire pile also fronts on Leonidas. Tires on Leonidas - House fronts on Apple
The owner of record on New Orleans Assessors Website is
Mailing Address 2800 S CARROLLTON AV NEW ORLEANS, LA 70118

Bibleway Blight & Abandoned Cars on Apple @ Cambronne

Abandoned Cars on Bibleway Lot
There is no license plate on this vehicle

This license plate
License plate on abandoned car on Bibleway Lot is on this vehicle Abandoned Cars on Bibleway Lot

According to folks at the last neighborhood meeting (August 31st): These abandoned cars at the back of the lot are where guys from the neighborhood go to smoke weed. They park up against the abandoned cars so they will blend in with them. Neighbors say the cops are so used to the abandoned cars that they do not see the smoking activity.   The issue has been reported to the NOPD Quality of Life Officer Eddington.

This vehicle is across the street from the empty Bibleway lot.
Abandoned Car - Cambronne @ Apple We've requested it be tagged and towed.

This is only one of many blighted lots in NorthWest Carrollton owned by Bibleway.
Location Address: 8325 & 8523 Apple St
Owner: Greater Bibleway Housing CDCL
Mailing Address: 2936 Joliet New Orleans, LA 70118

Old Knights of Columbus Hall on Apple Street

Please see this link above FROM 2009.
This building is blighted and has been for a long time. We DO NOT WANT IT TORN DOWN! 8300 Block of Apple
We want it cleaned out, restored and returned to use in the neighborhood.

Please see the photos below from TODAY!
Blight in old Knights of Columbus Hall on Apple @ DanteBlight in old Knights of Columbus Hall on Apple @ Dante
First thing that has to happen is that the House has to be sited for Blight.
Then we have to hope that someone can find the owner.
If any one knows the owner please contact us as
or or

There are people interested in returning this building to commerce.  But no one can find the owner!!!!

Assessor's WebSite has the following information:
Assessors Office indicates owner is Keith J SEWELL and that his Mailing Address is

Additionally the trailer that sits in front of this building
 Trailer in front of old Knights of Columbus Hall on Apple @ Dante
has also been reported to NOPD Quality of Life Officer Eddington

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Invitation: Save Our Sons Crime Action Summit

Invitation: Save Our Sons Crime Action Summit
Please join Mayor Mitch Landrieu and Commissioner James Carter for:
Saving Our Sons Crime Action Summit
Saturday, Sept. 17th
10:00 – 12:00
UNO Lakefront Arena (6801 Franklin Ave.)

We must rally as a community to solve this problem.  This will not be a summit of false hope and unfulfilled promises.  Join me to learn how we can all take action.

All are welcome and invited.  Please share the attached flier and encourage your neighborhoods, work, faith and other communities to attend.  Register at:

Monday, September 5, 2011

Container @ Carrollton Lumber & Wrecking

This container on Leonidas is only a part of the blight problem associated with Carrollton Lumber & Wrecking. The container itself is illegally parked on the street and dangerously blocks the view of traffic coming down Leonidas toward Earhart.

While having the container removed would be a step in the right direction, the blight at this location is long term and needs to be addressed.

Location Address 2920 LEONIDAS ST
Ownership Information Name PATERNOSTRO VERONICA B ET AL
Mailing Address 5819 ANNUNCIATION ST NEW ORLEANS, LA 70115
IMAG0234 IMAG0235 Carrolton Lumber

Container on Joliet... going on 5 years

Lot with Container
Location Address 2928 JOLIET ST
Mailing Address 2928 JOLIET ST

Note date on photo. Note visible FEMA Sidewalk repairs. Road Cut on Joliet with lovely container

September 2011 - Please note container still in place. Corner of Joliet @ Fig 2940 Joliet - Bibleway Blight
What will it take to have the container and the other blight removed from this lot?

8316 Fig Street - Reporting AGAIN!


8300 Block of Fig
Location Address 8316 FIG ST
Owner: EARL R HAAS JR Mailing Address 8316 FIG ST NEW ORLEANS, LA 70118 
Property Class Residential

It is ugly no matter how you look at it.
 8300 Block of Fig Aerial View

And it's been like that a LONG time!
Code Violations on Fig, too many to count

BibleWay Blight.... it's everywhere

Grass covers sidewalk.  
Empty lots do not eliminate blight they only create a different kind.
 8419 Claiborne - repeated Blight - Bibleway
Location Address 8419 S CLAIBORNE Ave
Mailing Address 1829 HAMILTON ST NEW ORLEANS, LA 70118

Lot is overgrown. Sand on lot is higher than allowed by code. Sand had covered sidewalk on Fig. People are dumping on sidewalk on Fig.
Corner of Joliet @ Fig 2940 Joliet - Bibleway Blight
Mailing Address P O BOX 850341 NEW ORLEANS, LA 70185

Please note this is what the lot @ 2940 Joliet looked like after the FEMA Sidewalk repairs in 2009.
You can no longer SEE the FEMA sidewalk repairs.
Road Cut on Joliet with lovely container Joliet @ Fig ramped corner to no where

Can't use the sidewalk on S. Claiborne...

Blight - Claiborne
Lot is overgrown 8325 S CLAIBORNE AV  
and the weeds block the sidewalk.

Much Better... right?

These 2 houses on Fig Street were expendable.
Fig 8125 8129
What is there now is much better: State of the art parking lot

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tickets to be issued for creating wakes in flooded streets

New Orleans Police Department Public Information Office

You Will Be Ticketed If Driving Faster Than 5-MPH On Flooded Streets in New Orleans

(September 2, 2011)-  Superintendent Ronal Serpas says you will be ticketed if you choose to drive down a flooded street going faster than 5-Miles Per Hour.


When motorists make this decision, they immediately put themselves and the street’s residents at risk.  The car’s engine could flood, stalling the vehicle and trapping the driver.  Or, if the car exceeds 5 miles an hour, the driver might lose control of the vehicle. There’s also a possibility that the waves the car creates will seep into other residents’ cars, homes or businesses, possibly causing costly damages.      

Superintendent Serpas said, “Our officers will strictly be enforcing this ordinance.  Drivers who disregard it are acting irresponsibly and recklessly, and putting themselves and others in a dangerous situation.  I can’t stress enough that residents should stay home during storms like this.  No one should be venturing out either on foot or in their cars unless an emergency situation makes it absolutely imperative that they do so.”

A citation for violating the ordinance will cost no less than $200 in fines plus court fees. The ordinance in its entirety is below:


17271 MCS 154-404, Operation on Flooded Streets


(a)           It shall be unlawful for any person to operate any motor vehicle or boat on the streets, roads, highways or bridges which are flooded or inundated within this city either (i) in excess of a speed of five miles per hour or (ii) in such a manner as to cause water, waves or wakes to damage property alongside of or adjacent to such streets, roads, highways or bridges at any speed.


No person shall in any way tamper with, move, damage or destroy any barricades, signs or signals placed upon any streets, roads, highways or bridges within the city by any department of the city government or any other governmental agency in connection with any such street, road, highway or bridge being flooded or inundated, nor shall any person disobey the instructions, signals, warnings or markings of any warning sign, signal, city employee, or barricade so placed on any such street, road, highway or bridge which is flooded or inundated, unless at the time having been expressly so directed by a police officer of the state or city.


Any person may file an affidavit with the Traffic Court of New Orleans complaining of a violation of this section in accordance with City Code Section 154-142 and R.S. 13:2512.

 *  *  *  *

Superintendent Serpas would also like to reiterate that residents are allowed to park their vehicles on neutral grounds legally until the City officially announces that it is no longer legal. 

The NOPD also asks the public to report malfunctioning traffic lights and high, rising waters by calling: (504)821-2222.

And, as always, in case of an emergency, please call 9-1-1.

                                                            #  #  #

Contact:  Remi Braden

New Orleans Streets to avoid in a storm

New Orleans Police Department Public Information Office

Streets in Greater New Orleans Area Prone To Flooding

(September 1, 2011)-  The following is a list of streets where residents have reported significant flooding during past storms.  Residents are advised to stay at home during the forecasted storm unless an emergency makes it absolutely necessary for them to get on the road.    

Calliope @ Claiborne towards Tchoupitoulas St

Calliope & Tchoupitoulas St On-ramps

I-10 and Tulane Exit towards Claiborne

Airline & Tulane Ave intersection

4400 Block of Washington 

Washington Ave. near Xavier

All surrounding streets to St. Charles flooded, Gravier/Tulane/S Dupre, S Claiborne/Washington.

Claiborne/Orleans Ave.

S Carrollton/Palmetto

Magazine/St Mary

Broad/Louisiana Ave./S.Claiborne


Earhart/Jeff Davis-Carrollton

500 blk of Lake Marina

Canal Blvd/I-10/Navarre

Erato/S Genois/City Park/Carrollton

Washington Ave. near Xavier, Washington

Gravier/Tulane/S Dupre

S Claiborne/Washington

Simon Bolivar & Calliope coming from Loyola Ave under the overpass

Poland Ave from St Claude to N. Claiborne

S. Claiborne at Joseph

Holiday to the Crescent City Connection                                                      
Shirley and DeGaulle

DeGaulle under the Westbank Expressway