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Monday, August 31, 2009

Gadbois in an article on the front page

Karen Gadbois in the news ... front page.

No she's not the one accused of libel. She's the one who "took a more cautious approach".
"By contrast, when Gadbois started writing about NOAH on her blog -- under her own name -- she used more caution. She would post a picture of a filthy house, with a sentence saying the house, according to NOAH records, had been gutted. She let the facts speak for themselves until she and Zurik became confident they had the bigger story in hand."

There's one thing I know blogging has made NorthWest Carrollton a better place.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

8201 Nelson - Drug Deals 'R Them

Yes people live here despite the conditions of the building.
8101 Nelson (corner Dublin)
8101 Nelson (corner Dublin)

8300 Apple - there is a future for this building!

This building is on the corner of Apple at Dante.

8300 Block of Apple (corner Dante)

It is a beautiful old building that used to be the Knights of Columbus Hall.
We think it has a future.

The windows are broken.
8300 Block of Apple (corner Dante)

Debris continues to pile up on the sidewalk, despite the fact that City Sanitation hauls it away at our request when the piles get too high or we have a neighborhood wide cleanup. Please note the doorway is open and accessible to all and that there is debris piled up here as well.
8300 Block of Apple

Could this be the Assessor's Listing?


Keith J Sewell
1302 Teller Ave
Bronx, NY 10456
(718) 588-6204
Address c/o MS. SHEREE CAMEL 2823 DANTE ST
City / State / Zip NEW ORLEANS LA 70118

Property Address 2538 DANTE ST
District 7
Assesment Area 16
Square 357
Lot A
Book 33
Folio 019
Line 008
Tax Bill Number 716321807
Instrument Number 000277643
Notarial Archive Number 04-10543
Sale Date 02-MAR-04
Sale Price $16,500

2010 Preliminary Assessment
Appraised Land 23,800
Appraised Building 51,200
Appraised Total

Assessed Land 2,380
Assessed Building 5,120
Assessed Total 7,500
Homestead Exemption Amount 0
Assessment Frozen NO
Special Tax District
Exempt Code
Assessment Change

Values History
Tax Year 2009
Assessed Land 2,380
Assessed Building 5,120
Assessed Total 7,500
Homestead Exemption Amount 0

Property Description
Line 1 Description
1 SQ 357 LOT A OR 10 PT 9
3 36 X 120

A tale of 2 houses in the 8300 block of Nelson

The house on the right - 8329 Nelson - slab on grade and inappropriate given the flooding risk and the historic character of the neighborhood. The neighborhood organization has no problem with the demolition of slab on grade houses.


The house on the left 8331-35 Nelson - historic and redeemable - please note this house is wide open. Houses like this pose a serious fire risk to the neighborhood.

8331 -35 Nelson - redeemable
1215 31ST ST
ANOTHER Jefferson Parish Owner

Junked Vehicles on Private Propery

30 day process

City of New Orleans Department of Public Works Parking Division

A vehicle parked on private property can be processed as junk when:
- The vehicle has no motor
- The exterior is stripped - shell of a car
- Vehicle is wrecked and/or appears to be inoperable
- Tires are missing
- it is Burned

A New Orleans Police Department Quality of Life Officer will check the vehicle and if considered legally junk, the Officer will place a sticker on the vehicle.

PLEASE NOTE: If the owner/operator does not take the necessary steps to clear the vehicle within 30 days, the vehicle will be impounded and processed for disposal.

Steps for clearing a vehicle that has been identified as junk:
1) Update the brake tag and/or license plate
2) Drive the vehicle to 400 North Claiborne Avenue, Monday - Friday during the hours of 9AM - 5PM.

Steps for clearing a vehicle that has been impounded as junk:
1) The owner/operator must obtain a valid registration/title for the vehicle
2) The owner/operator must have a valid driver's license
3) The owner/operator must go to 1300 Perdido Street Suite 6E05, Monday thru Friday during the hours of 8:30AM and 4:30PM, to receive a release form for the vehicle
4) The owner/operator then must go to Bill's Car Crushers located at 10301 Old Gentily Road.

All injuries regarding insurance claims can be forwarded directly to The Parking Division's Abandoned Unit (instructions then will be given to the Insurance Company's Representative).

To report abandoned or junked vehicles contact us by phone (504)658-2299 or

create a 311 Report Online by using this link.

List of Auctions of Abandoned Vehicles

If you OWN a junked vehicle and wish to have your vehicle removed FOR FREE here is one option
and here is another option.

Vehicles illegally parked on private property for more than 30 days

Guidelines for Junked Vehicles on Private Property

8415 Pritchard Place
Illegally parked vehicle - 8415 Pritchard Place
Address 5721 MAGAZINE ST STE.219
City / State / Zip NEW ORLEANS LA 70115 _____________________________________________________________________________________

8401 S. Claiborne Ave
Cambronne @ Carrollton
Cambronne @ Carrollton
Address 8415 S CLAIBORNE AV
City / State / Zip NEW ORLEANS LA 70118 __________________________________________________________________________________
8234 Apple - trailer on front lawn
8234 Apple
8234 Apple
8234 APPLE
There is a large backyard, why not store the tralier there?
8330 Apple
8200 Block of Apple
SPRING HILL TN 37174 (how nice for her)

Perhaps Janiene & Eugene are related?
NEW ORLEANS LA 70118 _____________________________________________________________________________________

8501 Apple (@ Joliet)
Joliet @ Apple
8501 Apple (@ Joliet - REAR)
The trucks in the rear have been there for many months.
Joliet @ Apple (rear)
2616 or 2618 Joliet
2616 & 2618 Joliet
Owner for 2616 is Jamal Martin

Owner for 2618 is Mina Rest

Note both have mailing address of 2616 Joliet. No one lives at this house.
As for those other vehicles in the photo. Who knows WHAT lot they are on.
The Joliet Street Lot? Apple Street Lots?

8141 Apple
8141 Apple (corner Dublin)
Lots of drug dealing going on at this address as well.

Back yards of 8527 8535 8539 APPLE ST taken from Leonidas

Odd side of 8500 block of Apple corner Leonidas
Owner listed on Asessor's web site
Mr. Turner lives on one end of the neighborhood and allows the other end to be trashed.

8424 Apricot no address number on house
8424 Apricot


8321-25 Nelson
8321-25 Nelson

8117-19 Belfast

It's not always how it looks in the front.....
8117-19 Belfast
some times the blight is in the back
being nasty to neighbors instead of the streetscape.

8117-19 Belfast
8117-19 Belfast
8117-19 Belfast
8117-19 Belfast
It's just as bad in the long run.

Wide Open on 8242-26 Apple

8424-8426 Apple - DOORS OPEN

See previous post

Email sent to City of New Orleans Code Enforcement Staff

IF this house goes many houses on the block will go with it.
Action needs to be taken immediately!

We lost houses TO FIRE in the days immediately following Katrina,
practically a whole block on Carrollton-Pritchard-Dublin-Fig.
So don't tell us not to worry. We know better.
We've lost too many houses in our historic neighborhood already.

Jenel Hazlett for NorthWest Carrollton

What a lovely view

Code Violations on Fig, too many to count
This property in the center of the 8300 block of Fig has more code violations that anyone would care to list.
There were/are? children living in this building. We hesitate to call it a house.
But it does appear to have a "homestead" exemption proposed for 2010.

Code Violations on Fig

This is what it looks like at street level.
We think the address is 8316 Fig but it is impossible to tell because there is no address visible from the street.

8300 block of Fig - even side

Code Violations - too many to count

Code Violations - too many to count

And this is information from the Assessor's Website


8316 FIG ST

Property Address 8316 FIG ST
District 7
Assesment Area 16
Square 427
Lot 16
Book 41
Folio 003
Line 011
Tax Bill Number 716400309
Instrument Number 000083087
Notarial Archive Number 94-10292
Sale Date 01-MAR-94
Sale Price $40,000

2010 Preliminary Assessment
Appraised Land 75,800
Appraised Building 2,900
Appraised Total 78,700
Assessed Land 7,580
Assessed Building 290
Assessed Total 7,870
Homestead Exemption Amount 0
Assessment Frozen NO
Special Tax District
Exempt Code
Assessment Change

Values History
Tax Year 2009
Assessed Land 7,580
Assessed Building 290
Assessed Total 7,870
Homestead Exemption Amount 7,500

Property Description
Line 1 Description
1 SQ 427 LOT 16-21 FIG
2 180 X 120

The Booker Problem

There are 4 properties in the 8200 block of Apricot that have the same owner. The information we have is that these properties are owned outright and have received Road Home money to repair. Pre and immediately Post Katrina all 4 properties had houses on them. In February of 2007 a tornado so damaged one house (that was already in poor repair) that it had to be torn down.

3 other historic, repairable properties remain.

8232-34 Apricot (right side of photo),
empty lot after tornado damage (left side of photo)

Apricot - Carrie Booker

8236-38 Apricot
8236-38 Apricot - Carrie Booker

8240-42 Apricot
8240-42 Apricot - Carrie Booker

The only reason these properties don't look worse is because the neighborhood has had 2 cleanup activities (2007 & 2009) and we do what we can to keep the sidewalks clear. It is the opinion of the neighborhood association that the owner is currently allowing the properties to be demolished by neglect.

Isn't it nice for her that she lives in Harahan. It lets folks in Jefferson Parish trash talk New Orleans, while doing the trashing themselves.
PO BOX 2311220

The Container Problem


Containers on Joliet & Fig - Aerial View 2006

This container has been on 2928 Joliet for years.
Container on Joliet (near Fig)

It took 3 YEARS!!!!! to have this container moved from the SIDEWALK
at the corner of Fig & Joliet.

Container on sidewalk 8500 Block Fig

So it should come as no surprise that these new additions in 2009

Container Residential Lot 8100 Block Fig
and then there were 2......
And then there were 2

It should also come as no surprise that we are opposed to Walgreens placing storage containers for their store at 2418 S. Claiborne Avenue. There were containers on this property immediately after its openning. We worked dilgently to have these removed. We do not want them back under any circumstances.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dear Mr. President

From the front page of the Times Picayune 8-28-09:

We're counting on you, Mr. President
by The Times-Picayune

Dear Mr. President,

Tomorrow we will mark the fourth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, which claimed the lives of more than 1,400 Louisianians and nearly killed a great American city. We will miss having you in our midst.

We know you don't lack passion for our community and its recovery. Though you haven't been here as president, as a senator you visited five times after Katrina. We remember well the fervor of your speech at Tulane University on your last visit, a year and a half ago.

"I promise you that when I'm in the White House, I will commit myself every day to keeping up Washington's end of the bargain, " you said then. "This will be a priority of my presidency. And I will make it clear to members of my administration that their responsibilities don't end in places like the 9th Ward; they begin in places like the 9th Ward."

We await the fulfillment of many of these promises. We are grateful for the federal aid that has flowed our way, including $14.7 billion in improvements to levees and drainage and other storm protection measures. And under your administration, the federal recovery bureaucracy has been eased, as even Republican officials here acknowledge.

But much remains to be done.

The wetlands and barrier islands that are the first defense of Louisiana's energy coast must be restored if we are to survive long term.

Flood protection on a massive scale, the ultimate rampart the Netherlands saw fit to build, should be our model as well, a vital safeguard against a Category 5 storm and its surge. Such a substantial commitment, you told our reporters last week, "remains a strong goal." For us and for the nation, it's a vital necessity.

The economic revitalization of a new medical facility to replace the destroyed Charity Hospital would give New Orleans a shot in the arm it desperately needs. We urge you to see to it that the stalled project moves forward.

Our community is resilient and hard-working. Together with volunteers from around the country, we are striving to make this a better place than it was before the storm, with renovated houses, vastly improved schools and a unique culture that's as vibrant as ever.

But there's no substitute for the focus, the energy, the commitment that a president alone can bestow. There's no substitute for you, as president, seeing our recovery and its halting progress with your own eyes, for taking time to walk in our shoes. So we ask you to bring your considerable intellect, your problem-solving ability, your influence to bear. When a president pays attention, so does the nation.

In the past week, we have hosted several of your Cabinet secretaries. We are grateful for their visits. We were especially impressed with Housing Secretary Shaun Donovan. On this, his third visit since his appointment, he brought his entire senior team with him and committed himself to "building back not just what was there, but building back better and stronger."

That was music to our ears. But it would be a sweeter sound coming from you and spoken on location.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Call Senator Landrieu

Pumps costing nearly a half billion dollars installed in New Orleans by the Corps of Engineers won't work, says the Office of Special Counsel in a June 12 letter to President Obama.

Just as disturbing is news that the Defense Department, twice since 2007, and under two different Inspector Generals, rubberstamped an earlier investigation into whistleblower allegations.

This is further evidence that flood protection is too important for us to rely on self-studies.

Please call Senator Landrieu at 202-224-5824.
When the aide answers, say this:
I am a Louisiana resident. I demand that Senator Landrieu call on the Justice Department, not the Defense Department, to investigate allegations that the Corps of Engineers waged a deception campaign after Katrina to protect its image."

Deadline for calling Senator Landrieu: Twelve noon CST Tuesday Sept 1

On this the fourth anniversary of the levee failures, we are mindful that these failures are too horrible for us to rely on self studies.

Other news:
Ivor van Heerden and Sandy Rosenthal will participate in a forum "The state of the recovery and the levees" Saturday August 29 between 1-3:30 in the City Council Chambers. The forum of part of the "Hands Around the Dome" event. members are welcome to attend.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vote for a new basketball court - the easiest community service you'll ever do!

Trinity Christian Community needs your help in a big, big way.
They are applying for a grant from Nike to redo our cracked-up basketball court.
The winner is like an American Idol winner, it is determined by the one who gets the most votes. We need all our friends to vote DAILY from all your email accounts and
facebook accounts.

Here is the link
Once you vote you MUST go onto your email or facebook and confirm your vote.

Please do it DAILY.
We want to WIN!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

2623 Dante Blight Report

2623 Dante

-----Forwarded Message-----
From: NorthWest Carrollton
Sent: Aug 23, 2009 3:29 PM
To: NorthWest Carrollton , Andrew Holbein , "Wesley P. Taylor" , "Winston H. Reid" , "Kristen A. Phillips" "" , Major Little, Arnie Fielkow , dlanghoff , Jackie Clarkson
Cc: Karen Gadbois, Chef Seaton, Debi Theobald, Scott Andrews, Margaret Reinhard, Kim Carver
Subject: NWCCA Blight Report 2623 Dante

Please place 2623 Dante on the list for blight action. The property has frequent turnover in tenants.
The property owner goes through periods where they do not consistently maintain their property.
There have been periods where the grass was so long that it was finally cut by neighbors.
The pile of trash in front of the building is the latest sample of how the property owner "maintains" the building.
This happens every time there is a turn over in tenants.

Your attention to this is appreciated.
Jenel Hazlett for NorthWest Carrollton

Help for 8425 Apple - homelessness and blight

On August 4th NorthWest Carrollton held our Night Out Against Crime on Apple & Cambronne. While this is not the most appealing corner in our neighborhood, it is a corner on a street where we as a neighborhood are actively engaged in making a difference and reducing crime and improving the quality of life for the citizens who live here. We were literally and figuratively "taking it to the streets". We know we have to work where the problems exist.

On July 27th we sent an eMail asking for assistance for a homeless man living on a porch on Apple Street.

July 23-25 NorthWest Carrollton worked with 120 Lutheran Volunteers doing neighborhood wide cleanup and painting of working Dance Studio on Apple Street. After the cleanup there was no trash on the porch @ 8425 Apple. As you can clearly see the porch has reverted to the condition it was in before our cleanup. The homeless man is still living and "working" on the porch.

August 2009 84 Apple

Please help us address the blight and the homelessness at 8425 Apple. We know that together we can make a difference but we know that we need the help of others.

-----Forwarded Message-----
From: NorthWest Carrollton
Sent: Aug 23, 2009 3:22 PM
To: Andrew Holbein , "Wesley P. Taylor" , "Winston H. Reid" , "Kristen A. Phillips", "", Major Little 2nd District Arnie Fielkow , dlanghoff , Jackie Clarkson , ""
Cc: Karen Gadbois, NorthWest Carrollton "Jared E. Munster" "Vanessa R. Logan" Subject: NWCCA Blight Report 8425 Apple Street

Please ADD 8425 Apple to the list of properties to be reviewed for blight adjudication.
Please see the link for additional detail.

This address has been a problem for 4 years. Initially the house was not boarded up. It was used as a dumping and striping location by the neighborhood tow truck driver, Mr. Russell. It has been a hangout for a homeless man who lives and "works" on the porch. The things he works on changes from bicycles, to weed whackers to lawn mowers and other easily transported items. We are uncertain if he is scavenging the items or if they are stolen. This area and the corner of Apple & Joliet is a common work location for drug deals.

It is time for the property owner to be involved in addressing the issues associated with this address.

Jenel Hazlett for NorthWest Carrollton

The owner apparently lives in Jefferson Parish.
Address 1215 31ST ST
City / State / Zip KENNER LA 70065


Address PO BOX 113583
City / State / Zip METAIRIE LA 70011

Property Address 8425 APPLE ST
District 7
Assesment Area 16
Square 377
Lot B
Book 33
Folio 044
Line 014
Tax Bill Number 716323715
Instrument Number 334315
Notarial Archive Number 06-50021
Sale Date 21-NOV-06
Sale Price $20,000

2010 Preliminary Assessment
Appraised Land 19,900
Appraised Building 100
Appraised Total 20,000
Assessed Land 1,990
Assessed Building 10
Assessed Total 2,000
Homestead Exemption Amount 0
Assessment Frozen NO
Special Tax District
Exempt Code
Assessment Change

Values History
Tax Year 2009
Assessed Land 1,990
Assessed Building 10
Assessed Total 2,000
Homestead Exemption Amount 0

Property Description
Line 1 Description
1 SQ 377 LOT B APPLE 30 X 120
2 8425-27 APPLE

Saturday, August 22, 2009

LOCAL is the NEW GREEN - Shrimpers

EAT LOCAL... get your food from as close to your front door as you can.
If you care about the planet, global warming and locals making a living don't eat shrimp (or other seafood for that matter) that hasn't been caught by LOCAL Shrimpers.

See the Story.

Grow Mo' Betta

New Orleans Food & Farm Network GROW MO' BETTA

Be there for the kick-off!

2009-2010 Garden Trainings
Our seven-part training series (every third Saturday)

How to Get Your Garden Started: Planning, Prepping and Planting

Saturday, September 19th, 2009
10:00 - 12:00
Cost: $5.00

LIMITED SEATING, you MUST pre-register!Contact Pam at
or (504) 864-2009

Light refreshments available for purchase

Free vegetable, herb, and flower seeds available

The training on September 19th will take place at
The Edible Schoolyard at the Samuel J. Green Charter School
2319 Valence St.
New Orleans, LA 70118
(between Napoleon and Jefferson, off Freret)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Only in New Orleans

The Joy of Julia Child

Read the whole article but this is the "only in New Orleans" gem:
Child and Robert Mondavi founded the American Institute of Wine and Food and came here for three days to promote it. Brigtsen was one of four chefs chosen to give concurrent demonstrations on stage at Macy's. He made her Chicken Provencal and came up with pesto popcorn rice, still a favorite, to go with it.

"It was just a ball," Brigtsen said. "We were all up there cooking and she would go from chef to chef and kibitz with us and schmooze and make jokes.

"What I loved about Julia is she was so disarming. Here was this incredible icon, and she was the most warm, friendly, personable person you'd ever want to meet."

That evening, she came to eat at Brigtsen's restaurant.

"I've never been so nervous," he said. "We were fairly young then, too, and it was just an incredible honor for her to dine with us.

"During the course of the evening, there was a gentleman waiting in the hall to use the restroom. The door opened, and out came Julia Child. He said that was like going to church and seeing Jesus come out of the bathroom."

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Saving the Coast & ourselves

If you live in PostK New Orleans you have made a choice. You've probably made many choices and compromises to be here. As we approach the 4th Anniversary of Katrina we have an opportunity to look back, to review our choices and to make new choices.

For far too long many people have ignored or been allowed to ignore the importance of a healthy coastal wetland to a healthy Louisiana. The Corps of Engineers are Engineers. Their job was to ensure that shipping traffic had access to the city and its surrounding ports. To that end they:
- built MRGO, which we all know to have been a bad idea and which is thankfully now closed. With the closing of MRGO comes an opportunity and requirement to repair what was damaged by its creation.
- leveed the Mississippi and in the process eliminated the sediment source with keeps our wetlands healthy. With the lessons and harsh reality that Katrina brought us we now know that we can NOT continue to do things the way they have been done. We must restore the sediment the Corps of Engineers are causing to dump off the deep outer continental shelf.
But don't believe me. Listen to John Barry, Secretary of the Levee Board.

Educate yourself. Lobby for the life and place you've worked to recreate these last 4 years. Talk to everyone you know about how important working with what we have - sediment from the Mississippi - can help protect what we've worked so hard to restore.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chins fined for illegal demolition on Apple

The Chins were fined for the illegal demo of 8117 Apple.
Click on the link and then click on the triangle next to fees.

Click on the triangle next to "Fees"

The fines totaled $2590.00 (assessed and paid on August 7th).

Monday, August 17, 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Brad Pitt for Mayor

If you're looking for clothes that give a grin and give money to a good cause get down to If you get a chance go down to Josh Harvey's Storyville at 3029 Magazine and get a Brad Pitt for Mayor Tshirt. For every Tshirt he sells he gives $2.00 to Pitt's Make it Right.

If you want the Tshirt to come straight to your door you can order it online.

Just remember you heard it here first from NorthWest Carrollton.

Too bad even Chris Rose knows that Brad Pitt is not (yet) eligible to run for mayor.

But we can dream. We can dream.

New LAWS in effect August 15th

Wear your SEAT BELTS, even if you are in the back seat.

Give Bicyclists 3 feet clearance.

Or face fines.

Read the whole article here.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vote to send the Travelocity Roaming Gnome to New Orleans

The Roaming Gnome is traveling this summer and he wants us to choose what city he goes to next. We literally get to help pick his next adventure.

Vote for New Orleans HERE!

New Orleans ahead of the game

New Orleans has Hollygrove Market & Farm and beautiful and successful Urban Farm. There are a growing number of urban gardens like Little Sparrow Farm also beautifully maintained by Marilyn Yank of New Orleans Food and Farm Network.

For once it seems we are head of the curve. Take a look at the problems that other urban farms are having in California of all places and Milwaukee. We are way ahead of the curve if you consider how long the Ursuline Garden has been providing produce for French Quarter resturants.

We will have someone from New Orleans Food and Farm Network speak at our September 9th General Meeting @ Incarnate Word @ 7:30PM.

8424-26 Apple Street Blight - Request for Action

Email sent to City of New Orleans

NorthWest Carrollton - bounded by Earhart-Carrollton-Claiborne-Leonidas
would like to report 8424-26 Apple Street for blight.

The alleyway between the buildings is not secure. There is still roofing material and debris in the yard from Katrina. The back yard is used for drug deals, prostitution and loitering. It is a dangerous place. Especially considering that children attend dance classes next door. The Dance Studio was painted by Lutheran volunteers July 24-26th, 2009. We have a tree planting scheduled for November 2009. We are actively working with NOPD on the drug dealing issues on Apple Street. We would like the support of the City of New Orleans on blight and health issues.

Please see the attached Photos taken July 24, 2008
84 Apple before volunteer clean up
8424-26 Apple side
8424-26 Apple - Rear
8424-26 Apple - Rear
Sincerely and with thanks,
NorthWest Carrollton

With a followup sent on August 23
Thank you very much for your response.
Here are some additional pictures of the front of the house.
In my last drive by I noticed the doors are not secure.
8426 Apple

Monday, August 10, 2009

S&W Repairs in the 8100 Block of Fig, AGAIN!

From: NorthWest Carrollton
To: S&W Robert Jackson
Cc: NorthWest Carrollton Board Members
Subject: 8100 Block of Fig, Again
Date: Aug 10, 2009 6:33 PM
Mr. Jackson,
I see that repairs are underway on the 8100 Block of Fig Street, again.

This is the 3rd time this year that the street has been dug up and repairs undertaken. Neighbors have indicated that this stretch of street had problems PREKatrina. At this point the preference would be to have the street totally dug up and the true root cause of the problem determined. The current approach does not seem to be working. We know that a study is underway and that there are many issues on this street from the 8100 block of Fig to the 8500 block of Fig. Our next NorthWest Carrollton General meeting will be September 9th. We'd love to have an update on the approach for Fig Street at this meeting.

Jenel Hazlett for NorthWest Carrollton
8100 Block of Fig Street, AGAIN!

Dangerous Sign

Sign on Carrollton @ Pritchard Place

From: NorthWest Carrollton
To: "" , "" , Shelley Midura , action reporter , Major Little
Cc: NorthWest Carrollton Board Members Subject: Sign creates safety hazard
Date: Aug 10, 2009 6:23 PM
Today the sign on the Carrollton Ave neutral ground at Pritchard Place went up indicating that we will be getting sidewalk and street repairs in our area very soon. We are grateful and happy about this progress.

Unfortunately the placement of the sign is very dangerous. It blocks:
- the pedestrian's view of traffic coming down Carrollton toward Claiborne
- the driver's view of the pedestrians as they wait at the neutral ground to cross Carrollton.
- the driver's view of cars that are turning from Carrollton onto Pritchard Place.
This increases the chances that accidents will happen as this busy stretch of roadway

Please see these photos.

We request that the sign be moved further down the Carrolton neutral ground toward Earhart to avoid creating dangerous blind spots that can lead to accidents.

Jenel Hazlett for NorthWest Carrollton