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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Junked Vehicles on Private Propery

30 day process

City of New Orleans Department of Public Works Parking Division

A vehicle parked on private property can be processed as junk when:
- The vehicle has no motor
- The exterior is stripped - shell of a car
- Vehicle is wrecked and/or appears to be inoperable
- Tires are missing
- it is Burned

A New Orleans Police Department Quality of Life Officer will check the vehicle and if considered legally junk, the Officer will place a sticker on the vehicle.

PLEASE NOTE: If the owner/operator does not take the necessary steps to clear the vehicle within 30 days, the vehicle will be impounded and processed for disposal.

Steps for clearing a vehicle that has been identified as junk:
1) Update the brake tag and/or license plate
2) Drive the vehicle to 400 North Claiborne Avenue, Monday - Friday during the hours of 9AM - 5PM.

Steps for clearing a vehicle that has been impounded as junk:
1) The owner/operator must obtain a valid registration/title for the vehicle
2) The owner/operator must have a valid driver's license
3) The owner/operator must go to 1300 Perdido Street Suite 6E05, Monday thru Friday during the hours of 8:30AM and 4:30PM, to receive a release form for the vehicle
4) The owner/operator then must go to Bill's Car Crushers located at 10301 Old Gentily Road.

All injuries regarding insurance claims can be forwarded directly to The Parking Division's Abandoned Unit (instructions then will be given to the Insurance Company's Representative).

To report abandoned or junked vehicles contact us by phone (504)658-2299 or

create a 311 Report Online by using this link.

List of Auctions of Abandoned Vehicles

If you OWN a junked vehicle and wish to have your vehicle removed FOR FREE here is one option
and here is another option.

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