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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Help for 8425 Apple - homelessness and blight

On August 4th NorthWest Carrollton held our Night Out Against Crime on Apple & Cambronne. While this is not the most appealing corner in our neighborhood, it is a corner on a street where we as a neighborhood are actively engaged in making a difference and reducing crime and improving the quality of life for the citizens who live here. We were literally and figuratively "taking it to the streets". We know we have to work where the problems exist.

On July 27th we sent an eMail asking for assistance for a homeless man living on a porch on Apple Street.

July 23-25 NorthWest Carrollton worked with 120 Lutheran Volunteers doing neighborhood wide cleanup and painting of working Dance Studio on Apple Street. After the cleanup there was no trash on the porch @ 8425 Apple. As you can clearly see the porch has reverted to the condition it was in before our cleanup. The homeless man is still living and "working" on the porch.

August 2009 84 Apple

Please help us address the blight and the homelessness at 8425 Apple. We know that together we can make a difference but we know that we need the help of others.

-----Forwarded Message-----
From: NorthWest Carrollton
Sent: Aug 23, 2009 3:22 PM
To: Andrew Holbein , "Wesley P. Taylor" , "Winston H. Reid" , "Kristen A. Phillips", "", Major Little 2nd District Arnie Fielkow , dlanghoff , Jackie Clarkson , ""
Cc: Karen Gadbois, NorthWest Carrollton "Jared E. Munster" "Vanessa R. Logan" Subject: NWCCA Blight Report 8425 Apple Street

Please ADD 8425 Apple to the list of properties to be reviewed for blight adjudication.
Please see the link for additional detail.

This address has been a problem for 4 years. Initially the house was not boarded up. It was used as a dumping and striping location by the neighborhood tow truck driver, Mr. Russell. It has been a hangout for a homeless man who lives and "works" on the porch. The things he works on changes from bicycles, to weed whackers to lawn mowers and other easily transported items. We are uncertain if he is scavenging the items or if they are stolen. This area and the corner of Apple & Joliet is a common work location for drug deals.

It is time for the property owner to be involved in addressing the issues associated with this address.

Jenel Hazlett for NorthWest Carrollton

The owner apparently lives in Jefferson Parish.
Address 1215 31ST ST
City / State / Zip KENNER LA 70065


Address PO BOX 113583
City / State / Zip METAIRIE LA 70011

Property Address 8425 APPLE ST
District 7
Assesment Area 16
Square 377
Lot B
Book 33
Folio 044
Line 014
Tax Bill Number 716323715
Instrument Number 334315
Notarial Archive Number 06-50021
Sale Date 21-NOV-06
Sale Price $20,000

2010 Preliminary Assessment
Appraised Land 19,900
Appraised Building 100
Appraised Total 20,000
Assessed Land 1,990
Assessed Building 10
Assessed Total 2,000
Homestead Exemption Amount 0
Assessment Frozen NO
Special Tax District
Exempt Code
Assessment Change

Values History
Tax Year 2009
Assessed Land 1,990
Assessed Building 10
Assessed Total 2,000
Homestead Exemption Amount 0

Property Description
Line 1 Description
1 SQ 377 LOT B APPLE 30 X 120
2 8425-27 APPLE


Anonymous said...

Does this group have any funding sources? There's a lot of work pointing out what's going wrong, but I see no help from this.

This property has been cleaned several times to the tune of 1000's each time.

Work on something useful, like, tenants who want to rent completed properties or grants to repair homes.

Anonymous said...

This group? You mean your neighbors? No, we do not have any funding sources. We try to work with established organizations to get folks help: like Rebuilding Together or Unity or the 100s of Lutheran volunteers that helped clean up in the neighborhood this summer.

It doesn't matter that the property has been cleaned up. If it doesn't stay cleaned up and well cared for it becomes part of the problem instead of part of the solution.

I ask again. Would you want this next to your house or ya mama's? Apparently the property owners would not because they live in Jefferson Parish.