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Monday, December 31, 2012

Crime down again....

Following the Neighborhood Watch meeting of November 27, 2012
there seems to have been a reduction in the number of break-ins.

You can always check for yourself using this tool.

Stay alert. Say hello to your neighbors. Watch out for each other.

And have a Happy New Year.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

FEMA Funds for Roadwork in Carrollton?

The City hosted a presentation in October 2013 on Street Repairs:

on p. 69 the "Road to Recovery Program" is outlined:

This is part of a larger City-wide, multi-year infrastructure repair/recovery effort funded by FEMA.
 The intent of the Recovery Roads Program is to restore the roads and sidewalks in the City to their pre-Katrina condition. 
Only damage directly attributed to Hurricane Katrina as determined by FEMA on minor (non-federal) streets is eligible for repair under this program. 
This program will be managed on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis.

Though the intended audience was contractors and such – Neighborhoods have not been given a similar presentation.

Looks like the Carrollton Area is not included in the priority list for FEMA funded projects.

Although according to p.8, the Carrollton area is awaiting a "new PW [project worksheet]. So it may be that FEMA has not yet approved work for this area yet.

Yet p.71 says:

All 72 neighborhood assessments have been completed as of Spring 2012.

So... are there funds or aren't their funds for Carrollton?

And for what kinds of "repairs"?

Visit for more detailed street projects information.
And, if you are still unsure, know that you are in good company.

Go Denise Reed

Read Bob Marshall today (even if it means that you have to go to Nola.Com).

Denise Reed of UNO and Cheif Scientist at The Water Institue of the Gulf says the Panama Canal and the dreging needed for deep draft vessels and the resultant dredged sediment could help rebuild our coast.... but we have to be willing to think about "realignment" of our coast.  Birdfoot delta.... maybe not.

If all the options have to be on the table then ....
all the options have to be on the table.
MORE sediment from dredging going into rebuilding our wetlands is a good thing.

Now if only Charles Groat wasn't also on the staff of The Water Institute of the Gulf.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hollygrove Market & Farm

just across Earhart from NorthWest Carrollton
@ 8301 Olive Street, New Orleans, LA 70118
Hollygrove Market & Farm
You have got to love a city where all this
Fresh produce, Duck, Free Range Chickens, Ground Lamb, Wild caught Shrimp
is just blocks away....
support your local farmers & fishers, shrimpers, crabbers....

Friday, December 28, 2012

8222 Apple - sheriff sale or demolition

The property (at 8222 Apple) came to a adjudication hearing 12/3/2012, and was found guilty of blight and public nuisance. After 30 days passes from that adjudication hearing to allow the judgment to be officially recorded, the file will be reviewed by Code for an abatement program (either Sheriff’s Sale or demolition).

We hate to lose any historic housing stock but NorthWest Carrollton will take no position on the potential demolition of this property.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lake Terrace "blight owner" has property in NorthWest Carrollton

This property at 2416 DANTE ST was renovated postKatrina
and could be a nice addition to the neighborhood.

But we've had to report DMK Acquisitions & Properties, LLC for blight.
The grass was cut once after it was reported for blight but as the owner is "troubled" we hope that the administration's solution for Lake Terrace includes a solution for ALL the property owned by DMK Acquisitions & Properties, LLC and Ken Charity.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pizza Delivery - Call Fresco on Maple

Want Pizza delivered in NorthWest Carrollton ????
Fresco on Maple delivers great pizza & you can Order online!

Naked Pizza won't deliver to NorthWest Carrollton.
13 blocks away from their "LAB" and no delivery.
They wasted their advertizing dollars and sent this to a NorthWest Carrollton addres.
Naked Pizza won't deliver 13 blocks away

But when you go to their website
Naked Pizza
and try to order delivery
Naked Pizza no delivery
Their pizza is not good enough to drive to pick up.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Caroling in Palmer Park

Many people know about Caroling in Jackson Square....
But there is also Caroling in Palmer Park ....
right on the edge of NorthWest Carrollton

Click Here to see photos of this year's event

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Trees - Quality of Life - why we plant

NorthWest Carrollton has worked with Hike for KaTREEna to plant trees in our small neighborhood.  I've been asked of all the things that the neighborhood could focus on: "Why trees?" 

On 7 Dec2012 - Science Magazine published a report on "Large Old Trees" that answered the questions

Large old trees "are keystone structures in forests, woodlands, savannas, agricultural landscapes, and urban areas, playing unique ecological roles not provided by younger, smaller trees. However, populations of large old trees are rapidly declining in many parts of the world, with serious implications for ecosystem integrity and biodiversity."

"Large old trees also store large quantities of carbon, create distinct microenvironments characterized by high levels of soil nutrients and plant species richness, play crucial roles in local hydrological regimes...."

Hydorlogical regimes... for urban areas mean that they help with rain water absorbtion and flood control.

"The loss of large old trees is a recognized concern in many ecosystems worldwide."
And this is why we lobby to have any old oak along Carrollon Ave replaced with a new oak.

And why we encourage our neighbors to plant the largest tree thay can in the area available.  For many this is not a tree that will grow into a "large tree" but one that is smaller, a crepe myrtle, a citrus, a red bud. But when ever possible we plant trees that will grow large because the benefits for the neighborhood and the global climate is worth it.

Domino Sugar... Tour what's REAL

Domino Sugar Refinery is more than 100 years old
AND the largest in the Western Hemisphere.

and as Stephen Tuck of Brunswick East, Australia said;
"emphasizing the parish's history as part of its tourism gives visitors a real chance to get to know the world of its residents, past and present. As the great historian, Manning Clark, once observed, to understand a place, it's not enough to read about it: You need to see and feel it.
Inevitably, visitors will tend to be drawn to the glamour and party atmosphere of the French Quarter. But others (like me), who long ago fell in love with Louisiana, will jump at anything that lets us get a little closer to the heart and soul of a beautiful city."

Come and Visit.... Keep it Real.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Corps may have to do the right thing! Oh My!

Corps may have to deliver more sediment!


The Corps of Engineers, the organization almost singularly responsible for the destruction of the Louisiana's Wetlands may be forced to thinking about the need Americas Wetlands have for sediment from the River!?!

What a concept!    

To do what Mother Nature intended.

"State officials also have had a running battle with the corps over its decision not to use sediment dredged from the river "beneficially," by piping it to locations where it can build land. The corps responds that it is limited in the amount it can spend on such beneficial use projects by Congress.
Another federal law authorizes the spending of $100 million on such beneficial use projects, but Congress has never appropriated money for that program."

So is it CONGRESS or is it the Corps? OR is it the ineptitude of both?

"It is crystal clear that the corps management of the Mississippi River is the largest ongoing cause of wetlands loss in the United States," said Garret Graves, chairman of the state Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority and coastal advisor to Gov. Bobby Jindal. "When you think that this is the agency responsible for regulating wetlands, their actions are hypocritical, to say the least."

8415 Pritchard Place

CW Renola LLC to Amanda Jean Wiseley Morisseau and Peter Morisseau Jr.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Urban Trees as Crime Stoppers

NorthWest Carrollton has worked with Hike for KaTREEna to plant trees in our small neighborhood. I've been asked of all the things that the neighborhood could focus on: "Why trees?" 

And I've answered because trees fight crime.  And I know it sounds silly.
"But a new study ( by the University of Vermont’s Transportation Research Center, in Burlington, found that a 10 percent increase in trees in a given area led to a 12 percent decrease in crime."

As the article in December 2012 - Natural Awakings says:
"The working hypothesis is that because people enjoy spending time in pleasant outdoor spaces, there are more observers present to hinder criminal activity. Also, a well-maintained landscape seems to send a message that someone may be watching.

and lest you think that this only works for neighborhoods that are already "well maintained and landscaped"
"To avoid culture bias, the study considered many socioeconomic factors, including housing, age, income and race of residents, as well as variables such as rural versus city setting and population density. The findings should prove helpful to urban planners."

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


12/18/2012 10:07 PM
Case #: L2625612


Date: 12/18/2012 11:21 AM
Case Number: L2036112

Location: 8400 BLOCK OF APRICOT ST
Date: 12/14/2012 10:44 PM
Case Number: L2036112

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Homeownership & Neighborhoods

New Orleans, and the NorthWest Carrollton corner of it, is a city of renters & owners.
For the city the breakdown is about 50-50%.  And NorthWest Carrollton is holding at just under 60% renter 40% owner.
But we are edging more toward owners.

And .... nothing against the many wonderful renters in NorthWest Carrollton....
this is good.

Here are some quotes from the 12/16/12 TP Real Estate Section.
National Association of Realtors:
"Home ownership allows households to accumulate weath and social status and is the basis fir a number of positive social, economic, family and civic outcomes"
A little flowery and true only if the financial industry doesn't foul things up again. But yeah, we think that home owners have made a commitment to the place, they have vested interest and this does lead to "positive social & civic outcomes".

As Victor M. Andrews says: in the TP 12/16/12 Real Estate:
"It also speaks to being part of something larger - a community and a sense of belonging."

"A homeowner is making an investment in their community",
says Chip Gardner of GARNER , Realtors.

"It's a sense of security and establishing a sense of community",
says ReRe Avego of RE/MAX Real Estate Partners. "It's like getting a place to belong."

The NAR study (National Association of Realtors) indicates that,
"Home ownership boosts the education performance of children, induces higher participation in civic and volunteering activitt, improves health care outcomes,"...

"It's a sign of stabilty in a community if there's home ownership by individuals," said Danielle Triche of COLDWELL BANKER TEC Realtors.

The NAR study indicates,
"With home purchase comes the pride of ownership and the sense of belonging where one had a financial stake in the neighborhood."
"Also ownership entails a greater individual responsibility."
"Homeownership  <snip> is a long-term commitment, which may alter human behavior."

So, when we respond as a Neighborhood and Civic Association that we think more home owners is better for the neighborhood and property values and our collective security, the data backs us up.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

8200 Pritchard Place - something not quite right

We've been contacted a number of times on this property at 8200 Pritchard Place.

Something appears to be not quite right. 

Why does a residential property need a recently placed (without a permit) door with an ENTRANCE sign on it?
8300 Pritchard Place

And WHY are there so frequently old cabs parked and sometimes left to side on the side of the house on Dublin Street?

And what kind of death trap is this stairway? Dangerous @ 8200 Pritchard

We have requested that Safety & Permits take a look at 8200 Pritchard Place and tell us if it is complaint with the Zoning and Codes that apply to our little neighborhood.
We'll see what they say.

8331 Belfast Blight

The house at 8331 Belfast has blight issues and abandoned vehicles on the property. IMAG2337

The grass is uncut... the photos were taken in December. Imagine July.
The dark blue vehicle was reported to NOPD as being parked on the sidewalk & has now been moved to the sideyard. The clock is ticking on this vehicle. The vehicle in the back has been on the property for quite sometime and is being reported using this photo.

There is an open window in the rear of the house. As the house is open to the elements and as there have been a series of break-ins in the neighborhood there is concern that this open property could lead to more trouble in the form of fire of squatters.

We've requested that an inspector be sent to the property and associated this properyt with an adjacent 311 Case #89664.

2632 Belfast - Backyard Blight & Break-in fright

The front of 2683 Belfast would pass a blight inspection.....
The back.... not so much.

There is a 311 Case #82932 on this address.

Here are the supporting photos:
The back window has been pushed in. And neighbors say they have heard people in the house. When the weather gets cold, any empty open house is a potential location for folks to try and get out of the weather and get warm. And warm means maybe fire and fire and empty houses are not good.
2632 Dante

Additionally the grass in the back is allowed to grow wild. 
It is Decemeber, imagine the yard in July. 

And there is garbage stacked up and left for months and months.
There are bags lining the back of the house that were filled with grass clippings and other garbage that have been there so long they are now flattened.

There is a garage that is covered with overgrowth. There are rodents.



8300 Block of Belfast -> blighted from Dante

IMAG2328<<<<Take a look at this lovely home.

And imagine having to look at this as you entered your front door:
Back of Dante from Belfast
This is the back yard of 2634 Dante

8222 Apple .... still a problem with a case number CEHB-12-0604

We are reporting 8222 Apple .... number CEHB-12-0604
We know that a notice was sent on 10/25/2012.

But we wanted you all to be aware of the current status

The photos in this link were taken on a lovely sunny day this past June 2012.

The photos below were taken on a slightly foggy morning this December 2012.
While the house has had the grass in the front cut, it is still open to the elements: side windows, back door, and the roof.  Additionally there is a water leak under the house.
The photos should speak for themselves. PLEASE send an inspector out the house and move the house through the blight process again.  It is dangerous.
8222 Apple - water leak under house
IMAG2350IMAG2348 IMAG2349

We're waiting for the hearing date to be set:
8222 Apple

Neighborhood Watch Meeting Followup

Starting in August and continuing to get worse through Novemeber...
there has been a rash of break-ins in the neighborhood, smash and grab, mostly through back or side windows some toolsheds & garages.  It seemed our little neighborhood had become a target. There were also a number of auto burglaries, one robbery with a rifle.    Representatives from NorthWest Carrollton attended the Night Out against Crime in Palmer Park in October.  We arranged to have a Neighborhood Watch Meeting in November. We attended the 2nd District's NONPACC meeting and signed up to track all reported crime in a .5 mile radius centered on Incarnate Word School.  The break-ins continued.

We created flyers to let people know that there would be a Neighborhood Watch Meeting November 27th and we walked the neighborhood talking to people as we put flyers on every house in the 5 x 7 block area that is NorthWest Carrollton.

On Tuesday November 27th NorthWest Carrollton held a well attended Neighborhood Watch Meeting.  More than 40 people were there.

Our NOPD Quality of Life Officer Eddington spoke about the importance of reporting anything or anybody that "raises the hairs on the back of your neck". Most of us have had the feeling that something isn't right but out of respect for the other person's privacy or individual rights might not call this in.  Officer Eddington said, don't hestitate. Call it in and let NOPD work it out. If it is nothing, it's nothing.
But while the breakins and other activities in the area seems to have slowed down we have still had - just last night - a breakin in the 8400 Block of Apricot.  There has been only one other break-in, on Joliet November 29th, since the meeting. And one Auto Theft

If you were at the meeting you know that you should be on the lookout for a white 4 door car with distinctive "Mercedes Benz" or "Peace Sign" shaped rims. If you see this car in the neighborhood please call 911 immediately and say that NOPD indicated that any sightings of this kind of car in the neighborhood should be immediately called in.

White Car peace sign hubcaps - suspect in NWC Breakins

We have signed up to be sent email notices whenever there is a report filed with NOPD.
We will ONLY be posting those cases that happen inside of NorthWest Carrollton's Boundaries.
You can sign up to get these notices sent to your personal email by using the Link below:

Monday, December 3, 2012


Case # L03716122600 BLOCK OF DANTE ST

We have signed up to be sent email notices whenever there is a report filed with NOPD.
We will ONLY be posting those cases that happen inside of NorthWest Carrollton's Boundaries.
You can sign up to get these notices sent to your personal email by using the Link below:

We are using a radius of .5 miles around the our Neighborhood Meeting Location of 8326 Apricot Street.