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Friday, February 25, 2011

2nd District Crime Map - Feb 20-24 2011

Crime Map from NOLAReady.
NorthWest Carrollton is 2T. Southern edge of 2T is Claiborne Ave.
Feb 20-24.2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blancher Properties in NWCCA

The Blancher family owns both the Rock 'N Bowl and Ye Olde College Inn and we welcome their investment in our neighborhood. The Blanchers also own a number of properties in the 8100 block of Fig Street and the 2900 Block of Carrollton Avenue.

Some are being used as urban gardens. The neighborhood welcomes these additions.

Some have shipping containers that have been used as storage buildings for quite some time.
Then there was one ......... Container
According to city agencies, using shipping containers as storage units or even having a garage is not allowed without an accompanying home on the residential property. Some at City Hall indicate that shipping containers are not allowed in residential neighborhoods for longer than 6 months. Others at City Hall seem to think that these rules are malleable (but we're unable to determine what this malleabilty is based on).

This residential lot with a Carrollton address
Full Moon over a perfect line of illegally parked cars
is frequently used as a parking lot.

And some of the more recently acquired properties... Fig 8125 8129
the Blanchers have asked to demolish.

I know there are lots of Rock 'N Bowl and Ye Olde fans out there. And rightfully so. But ask yourself: Is this the kind of commercial encroachment that you would want to see in your backyard?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Streetscape - Demolition - NO!

Take a look at the streetscape along the 8100 Block of Fig
Fig 8125 8129
Fig 8125 8129

Now take a look at one of the individual houses
Fig 8129

And now tell me that it is OK to demolish these houses and eliminate the streetscape.

We've already lot almost a city block of houses to a fire immediately PostKatrina. We lost more houses in the February 2007 tornado. Now tell me that we should willingly let these houses be demolished.

We don't think we should which is why right now a representative from NorthWest Carrollton is speaking at "the demolition committee" meeting (NCDC) at City Hall against allowing the demolition of these buildings.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Full Moon over perfectly but illegally parked cars

Sargent Kirton, Officer Eddington,

Wednesday 16-Feb-2011 NorthWest Carrollton had a general neighborhood meeting. One of the concerns raised at the meeting was the illegal parking on the residential lots on Carrollton.

Please see the photos taken 17-Feb-2011 a Thursday Evening.
The fading light didn't make for great photos.
There are cars lined up on property line of the lot at 2924 S. Carrollton Ave.
This is a residential lot.
This kind of parking is being repeated most nights Thursday - Sunday.

Full Moon over a perfect line of illegally parked cars
Full Moon over a perfect line of illegally parked cars

We would like to have NOPD ticket the vehicles. We have done what we can to advise the owners and the car owners that the neighborhood will not tolerate turning a residential lot into a parking lot, up to and including having the City's Department of Safety & Permits send a letter to the property owners indicating that the zoning of the lots they had purchased did not allow for commercial use. Our attempts have fallen on deaf ears. Unfortunately the only thing left to do at this point is to ask law enforcement to step in.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Orleans needs to enforce parking laws

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that it is stupid
to spend time and dollars digging up and recreating "corners" with ramps
for wheelchairs, strollers and folks who have trouble stepping over a curb,
when the city does nothing to stop people from parking across sidewalks
which forces everyone, children, less agile folks, wheelchairs, strollers into the street.
These same bad habits tear up infrastructure, our curbs and the few functional sidewalks we do have. Ever notice how many of our Sewerage and Water Board leaks are located next to places where vehicles repeatedly rollover the rollover curb and on to or near the S&W covers? Over time parking enforcement could pay for itself, in fees and because of the wear and tear it saves on our infrastructure.

A letter to the editor
Re: "Repaving, repairs to pick up speed," Page B1, Jan. 25.

Throughout the city, vehicles are parked across sidewalks and driveways. Why make sidewalk corners on South Claiborne Avenue handicapped accessible, when pedestrians and wheelchair occupants must go into the busy highway to avoid illegally parked vehicles?

Purchase computerized ticketing devices, train and empower New Orleans Police Department quality-of-life officers and Public Works city parking control officers to use them. Give these public servants the authority and means to ticket vehicles blocking sidewalks, driveways and neutral grounds. Allow private companies to tow illegally parked vehicles as do Jefferson Parish and other neighboring governments.

Let's be prepared for Mardi Gras on March 8 by erecting signs that assure awareness that no parking and restricted parking are being enforced. It is illegal to park on neutral grounds. Nothing spoils an event more than going back to your vehicle and finding an unexpected ticket or that your vehicle has been towed.

Enhance awareness, enforce no-parking regulations, empower public servants and use the fees to purchase computerized ticketing devices and other system upgrades.

Eileen E. Hollander
New Orleans

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Brain Cancer Research and St. Baldrich

One of the Carrollton Neighborhood Leaders, H.V. Nagendra, will be shaving his head on St. Baldrick's Day to raise money for Pediatric Cancer Research.

In 2009 Nagendra lost his son Vijay to brain cancer.

See Nagendra's letter below and if you can support the effort.

I am sure you all remember our unforgettable Vijay. I still can remember his discussions with his doctors and others about his condition and disease. He truly believed in understanding the science and biology of his Brain Cancer. This understanding while it guided us, as parents, to make the choices we were asked to for him, more importantly it gave Vijay hope about his personal prognosis and for his future. Team Vijay keeps his wish and spirit alive and honors his hope by raising the funds for research that will benefit other children with Cancer.

On Saturday March 19, 2011, I will be participating to raise funds for research in Pediatric Cancer as a shavee (will shave my head of what little hair I have). I ask you to join me by participating or contributing any amount towards this cause. The link below will lead you to the “Team Vijay” page. You can register your participation or donation from Team Vijay’s page – it will also allow me to know of your generosity and participation. I thank you for your consideration.

Thank you