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Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Orleans needs to enforce parking laws

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that it is stupid
to spend time and dollars digging up and recreating "corners" with ramps
for wheelchairs, strollers and folks who have trouble stepping over a curb,
when the city does nothing to stop people from parking across sidewalks
which forces everyone, children, less agile folks, wheelchairs, strollers into the street.
These same bad habits tear up infrastructure, our curbs and the few functional sidewalks we do have. Ever notice how many of our Sewerage and Water Board leaks are located next to places where vehicles repeatedly rollover the rollover curb and on to or near the S&W covers? Over time parking enforcement could pay for itself, in fees and because of the wear and tear it saves on our infrastructure.

A letter to the editor
Re: "Repaving, repairs to pick up speed," Page B1, Jan. 25.

Throughout the city, vehicles are parked across sidewalks and driveways. Why make sidewalk corners on South Claiborne Avenue handicapped accessible, when pedestrians and wheelchair occupants must go into the busy highway to avoid illegally parked vehicles?

Purchase computerized ticketing devices, train and empower New Orleans Police Department quality-of-life officers and Public Works city parking control officers to use them. Give these public servants the authority and means to ticket vehicles blocking sidewalks, driveways and neutral grounds. Allow private companies to tow illegally parked vehicles as do Jefferson Parish and other neighboring governments.

Let's be prepared for Mardi Gras on March 8 by erecting signs that assure awareness that no parking and restricted parking are being enforced. It is illegal to park on neutral grounds. Nothing spoils an event more than going back to your vehicle and finding an unexpected ticket or that your vehicle has been towed.

Enhance awareness, enforce no-parking regulations, empower public servants and use the fees to purchase computerized ticketing devices and other system upgrades.

Eileen E. Hollander
New Orleans


Editor B said...

Right on.

frankenthal said...

Yeah I agree Right on! but here's my question, I read the outdated message from Mr Mendoza and took note of the targeted areas. What about the side streets? The car on Belfast blocking the sidewalk as it's in the driveway? I walk from Carrollton to Montoe on my street and have to go in the street at least once in each block. I have a family member that lives in California and got a ticket while in his driveway, the officer said he was 3 inches over the sidewalk. I realize the city leaders are focus on the money pit of the Quarter, but remember the people that maintains the Quarter. I don't live in Lakeview, The Fountainbleau, or Audubon Place where we know Public works will handle it before you hang up the phone. I have a car and park it on the street, when a game is played at the playground, guess who rolls in? Once as the playground was full and someone notice Parking Enforcement coming, they yell it out and everyone hauled but to the cars to move them. They gave out tickets for parking per the instructions given by them to be legal. But none of the cars blocking the sidewalks were ticketed, I wounder why. Why are there seperate parking rules for different areas of the city? why aren't the rules clear? When is it ok to park in a No Stopping Zone? Where can we fine the parking laws online?

I hate bikes said...

Big desl. Sidewalk blobked. What they need to do is ticket all the disobedient cyclists and remove the bike lanes. This is new orleans, not vegan land.