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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blancher Properties in NWCCA

The Blancher family owns both the Rock 'N Bowl and Ye Olde College Inn and we welcome their investment in our neighborhood. The Blanchers also own a number of properties in the 8100 block of Fig Street and the 2900 Block of Carrollton Avenue.

Some are being used as urban gardens. The neighborhood welcomes these additions.

Some have shipping containers that have been used as storage buildings for quite some time.
Then there was one ......... Container
According to city agencies, using shipping containers as storage units or even having a garage is not allowed without an accompanying home on the residential property. Some at City Hall indicate that shipping containers are not allowed in residential neighborhoods for longer than 6 months. Others at City Hall seem to think that these rules are malleable (but we're unable to determine what this malleabilty is based on).

This residential lot with a Carrollton address
Full Moon over a perfect line of illegally parked cars
is frequently used as a parking lot.

And some of the more recently acquired properties... Fig 8125 8129
the Blanchers have asked to demolish.

I know there are lots of Rock 'N Bowl and Ye Olde fans out there. And rightfully so. But ask yourself: Is this the kind of commercial encroachment that you would want to see in your backyard?

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Anonymous said...

My client at 8130 fig street has been sued by the Blanchard. Would someone from the assn please contact me?