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Saturday, June 30, 2012

8534 Apricot Street

Succession of Mary Ann Dayteen to Monica L. Smith

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Crime heat wave???

Uptown Messanger is on it. 

Woman shot at McDonald's on Carrollton

CarJarking and gun play off of Oak Street

And all this week.

Stay alert.  Watch out for yourself and your neighbors!

As requested, the cops are patrolling in the hood.
I've seen a car twice this week.

Monday, June 25, 2012

“Help Us Stomp Out Crime”

 WHEN: Wednesday, June 27, 2012
TIME: 6:00PM
“Help Us Stomp Out Crime”
With the 610 Stompers!!!
Commander Paul Noel
Second District
New Orleans Police Department

Commander Paul Noel
Second District
New Orleans Police Department

Friday, June 22, 2012

Parking Enforcement and the bigger picture

Sent to The Mayor and his representatives and City Council on
June 22

Sec. 106-215
No person may
Park cars or other vehicles on the sidewalk,
including the strip between the property line and the street curbing, (emphasis mine!)
without written permission of the parkway and park commission;

There is a law. At least we've cleared that up.
We do have a division of city government (which is not NOPD) that can and has quite effectively enforced parking regulations
(Jazzfest, Crescent City Classic to name a few).
The question still unanswered and on the table is what will it take to have this same arm of city government
respond to citizen complaints and enforce the law and minimally ticket the offenders?
Just this small act of ticketing the vehicle begins the education of the populace. Word of mouth works wonders.
Oh and, dare I remind all, can be a revenue generator.

Lest anyone think that we are simply being petty and have lost our ability to live and let live in this laissez faire city,
Have you watched the old lady in the walker or the guy with the cane, or the parent with the child in the stroller
have to make their way from the sidewalk to the street because of a parked car?
We "sell" (yes Mitch SELL) New Orleans as being a city of neighborhoods..... WALKABLE neighborhoods,
except you have to walk in the street.
For all new construction of corners for sidewalks the city is required by law to build wheelchair ramps
(why with huge tripping hazard bumps that I can barely manage, heaven help the lady with the walker or the guy with the cane, or the parent with a stroller)
and then these ramps are used like driveways so that people can park their vehicles on the sidewalk.

But there is still more.
Parking on the sidewalk and rolling over those horrible rollover curbs BREAKS the infrastructure,
the very precious, expensive to repair and replace infrastructure.
And I am NOT just talking about the curbs and the sidewalks.
I can and have sent pictures showing how illegal parking (as defined by law noted at the start of this note)
has resulted in broken Sewerage and Water Board infrastructure (the 8300 Block of Apricot has been for almost a year and continues to be a lovely example).
This broken infrastructure takes our tax dollars and increased S&W costs to repair.
And we all know about the state of the budgets of the city and S&W.
But there is still MORE.
Parking on the front lawn or the green space between the sidewalk and the street often results in this "green space" becoming paved space.
Did anyone listen when we had the Dutch Dialogues? Anyone? I know I did.
We are paving paradise. We are paving the very ground that can soak up the rain water, easing flooding risks and
provide places to plant trees that can help with the heat island affect and soak up the C02 that will only make the sea level rise higher and faster.
All these things are connected.
And there is a law on the books that allows an arm of the city to ticket and tow if necessary.
Why can't the city see that all these things are connected? Why can't the city enforce the laws, generate revenue in the process,
prevent damage to expensive to replace infrastructure, support COMPLETE STREETS which provide for walkable neighborhoods, help prevent flooding
and ..... well I think you get the picture.
It isn't going to solve world hunger of give us world peace.... but it is a SMART! long term approach to a solvable problem and that's a start.
Please consider allowing the same "city forces" that enforce parking regulation during special events to respond to citizen complaints regarding
repeat and blantant parking violations.
Yes this note is dripping in sarcasm. But like many who rallied to ensure that New Orleans rebounded from the PostKatrina levee failures
I have made calls to the Quality of Life Officer, asked for parking enforcement from Public Works, taken pictures of repeatedly reported S&W damage,
called Safety & Permits when illegal paving of entire front yards was taking place and put flyers on cars with the parking laws as communicated
to us by the NOPD...... and I'm not seeing things getting any better.
This solvable problem deserves more serious attention than the city as given it to this point.
Jenel Hazlett
8306 Pritchard Place
New Orleans, LA 70118

Recycle your Window Unit - Rebate

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Recent Break Ins

There have been recent break-ins in our neighborhood.
They have been reported to NOPD and we have asked for additional patrols.

Lock you doors & windows.
If you have a fence or gate, lock these 2.

Don't leave stuff in your vehicles that might tempt thieves.

Pay attention to your surroundings.

Watch out for your neighbors. Talk to each other. Stay alert.

Afternoon Visitor

8300 block of Pritchard Place
afternoon visitor

Monday, June 18, 2012

Community Conversations on Coastal Restoration

Community Conversations on Coastal Restoration, this Tuesday June 19th at 6PM.

Join us for some conversation, some crawfish pies, and some short films! This will be a laid back, fun and informative event.

Short Film and Conversation Topics include:

• The impact of the BP oil spill on Black and Vietnamese fisherman.

• Coastal Restoration Jobs

• The Federal Restore Act

• 2012 Coastal Master Plan + Louisiana First Hiring Act

Date: Tuesday June 19th, 2012
Time: 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Free food will be provided.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Save the Times Picayune.... Sign the Petition

Click  here to sign the petition to Save the Times Picayune.

A great city deserves a great newpaper
and we've had one of the best for too long to lose it now.

Add your name to list of those who want Newhouse to know that
New Orleans isn't like other cities
and that a newspaper with loyal readership deserves 7 day a week delivery.

This isn't a choice of newpaper or online.
It's a choice between quality news and drivel.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pope John Paul II Exhibit @ Notre Dame Seminary on Carrollton Ave.

"The Archdiocese of New Orleans has asked Wendy Vitter to head the local planning and execution of a major exhibit on Pope John Paul II coming to New Orleans in February. The archdiocese said Vitter, a lawyer, will organize and oversee all local operations, from advance planning until the exhibit closes in May. Selecting and delivering the contents of the papal exhibit is the work of the National Exhibits Association, essentially a one-man enterprise headed by the Rev. Malcolm Neyland, a Lubbock Texas priest with personal relationships among Vatican art museum officials.
With an assistant, Lamar Edwards, Vitter will be responsible for planning renovations to Schulte Hall at Notre Dame Seminary, where the exhibit will be located. Vitter and Edwards will raise and organize hundreds of volunteers, organize parking and shuttle buses to accommodate visitors, and market the exhibit across the region.

The exhibit, consisting of dozens of personal items belonging to John Paul II, will open Feb. 4, the day after the Super Bowl.  The exhibit will include many of the late pope’s personal possessions, family pictures, and some religious items, including his famous crosier, which he carried through the city on his 1987 visit here.
It leaves New Orleans for to Seattle.
Vitter said in an interview Tuesday the exhibit might well attract more than 200,000 visitors.

Vitter said she has reached out to local City Council members and neighborhood leaders to sound out their concerns, if any, about the impact of the exhibit on the South Carrollton Avenue neighborhood around the seminary.
So far she has heard none, she said.

Vitter said timed tickets giving visitors appointments will likely go on sale on a still-to-be-developed web site in late summer or early fall.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Meeting on Land Use Planning

Neighborhood Participation Program (NPP) for Land Use Actions

The City Planning Commission invites you to attend the presentation of a draft report recommending creation of a Neighborhood Participation Program for Land Use Actions.

6pm – 8pm, Wednesday, June 13

First Grace United Methodist Church

3401 Canal Street

(at the intersection with Jeff Davis Pkwy.)


The NPP for Land Use Actions’ goal is the establishment of a system for organized and effective neighborhood participation in land-use decisions. “Land use actions” include the City Planning Commission’s range of responsibilities under the City Charter. The Commission prepares the City’s Master Plan, Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, and Subdivision Regulations, approves proposals for the disposition of public property, and recommends a five-year Capital Improvement Program.

For more information, call City Planning at 504-658-7033.

Kimono Pillows by Karen Gadbois

See article in New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles.

Pillows made from Kimonos by NorthWest Carrollton resident Karen Gadbois.

"Textile artist Karen Gadbois has been collecting less formal kimonos since her college days as a textile student at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She often purchased frayed kimonos once worn by housewives. One merchant she located sold bags of kimonos by the pound.

Many kimonos were decorated with flowers and nature scenes and told a clear narrative. These were worn mostly by Japanese women. Kimonos worn by men often featured bold geometric patterns with strong graphic designs.
 'Japanese are creative in their dyeing techniques,' says Gadbois. 'The Shibori technique is a sophisticated form of tie-dyeing that results in a beautiful pattern of little dots. The ikat technique forms different gradations of colors. These ancient forms of craftsmanship fascinate me.'

Gadbois loved the sturdiness of the fabrics. By unfolding the kimonos and using the pieces that were not frayed, she began making throw pillows, wall-hangings, curtains and scarves. Today she sells her kimono-inspired textiles at private shows three or four times a year."

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Great NorthWest Carrollton Swamp

This is the 8300 Block of Apricot Street. There has been a leak at this address for almost a year. It has been repeatedly reported to Sewerage and Water Board. It is across from the Head Start School at Incarnate Word. It is mosquito season. The repairs need to be made as soon as possible. This is what happens when folks are allowed to park illegally. They park and rollover the S&W Infrastructure which breaks down and leaks.
The Great NorthWest Carrollton Swamp

8415 S CLAIBORNE AV - Tire pile

Tire Pile on Claiborne needs to be eliminated.Tires 8415 S CLAIBORNE AV

8222 Apple

Please see photos taken on June 9, 2012 of the property on 8222 Apple Street.
The property is open to the elements and has never been remediated since Katrina.
The property is a danger to the neighborhood as it appears that there have been squatters using the building.
Fire is also a concern as this building is *very* close to the other immediately adjacent and occuiped homes.

8424-26 Apple

IMAG1448 8222 Apple

IMAG1449 IMAG1450
IMAG1462 IMAG1455

IMAG1460 IMAG1461

8424-26 Apple ... Again...

Back in 2009, we tracked down the owner of this property and notified him that we were reporting it to the city.  The city reviewed the property and found the owner guilty of blight.

After boarding up the property the owner has allowed the building to sit and has done nothing to maintain it. Looking at the Assessor's website reveals that the City seems to have some ownership and responsibility for the property now
How said that after the neighborhood tracks down the owner and follows protocal in trying to address blight that city fails to follow through and the property is allowed to be stripped and open to the elements so that it is s now in worse shape than it was in 2009.  Notification has been sent to the city regarding the state of the property.

Below are photos taken on June 9, 2012
8424-26 Apple 8424-26 Apple

8424-26 Apple 8424-26 Apple

Friday, June 8, 2012






FROM 8:00 A.M. UNTIL 1:00 P.M.





*BATTERIES (household/auto)
*PAINT (Latex and oil based)


Paper (newspaper/magazines/office paper/junk mail/phone books)
*Ink Jet cartridges, toner cartridges
*Digital cameras, DVRs,
digital picture frames
Metals (aluminum/steel/tin)
*Stereos and Speakers
Plastics (#1 through #3)
*Printers and Fax machines
*Telephones, cords, systems
*Cell Phones/Beepers/Pagers
*Uninterruptible Power Supplies
*Security Systems
*Computers, processors, monitors
*Circuit Boards
*GPS devices
*Xboxes, Playstations, Wii
*MP3 players
*DVD Movies & Video games

Not accepting: explosives, radioactive materials, medical waste, asbestos, glass, hazardous waste from businesses or schools

*These items should never be placed in garbage or curbside recycling carts or bins

Sponsored by: Keep New Orleans Beautiful, CACRC, The Green Project, FCC Environmental, Sewerage and Water Board, Materials Management Group, The Young Leadership Council, Urban League Young Professionals, Coca Cola, Office of Neighborhood Engagement, Office of Coastal and Environmental Affairs, DPM, DPW, NOPD, NOFD, NOEMS, OPSO.

FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO BECOME A SPONSOR: Email - or call (504) 658-3800

Recycle your Window Unit - Rebate

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Orleans 9 MOST Endangered Sites

See Link

Mosquito Season - do what you can....

To assist in controlling the mosquito population and take precautions against coming in contact with infected mosquitos by doing the following:
  • Empty all containers of standing water; this includes small containers, old tires, etc.
  • Wear lightweight clothing that covers arms and legs.

Every week the city will pick up 2 Tires along with your other garbage as long as these tires are placed *next* to your very large city provided garbage can.
So if you see a tire and have the where with all to pick it up, please take it home and put it out for the city to haul away.  You are paying for it!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Orleans - top shopping city - Travel & Leisure

See link for source

"The shopping category was divided into subcategories of luxury stores, independent boutiques, antiques markets, flea markets and interior design stores and the results subsequently combined for an overall score."

"Though New York took the number one spot in the luxury store sub-division followed by Chicago and Los Angeles, it failed to perform when it came to the other types of retail locale."

This comment on the article captures what makes the New Orleans experience special:

New Orleans has had a real burst of entrepreneurship spirit and corporate development since Katrina. I just moved back after 8 years out of the area, and it is astonishing. The music scene bleeds into the art scene, and that bleeds into a great fashion and crafstman industry. If you've never been to New Orleans, you need to see what people are talking about. The food is delish, yes, but the shopping really is killer. There is upscale, for those who have the need for that kind of status symbol. Quite frankly, I'd rather have an original bag designed by a local artist or a stunning piece of jewelry crafted by a jewelry-smith who has original ideas with whimsical themes and doesn't take themselves too seriously. I guess that's the issue with the New Yorkers who are flabbergasted by this survey, they take themselves too damn seriously. Cheers, y'all!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rock 'n Bowl Tailgate party to support daily newspaper

Supporters of The Times-Picayune and its employees will gather in the parking lot at Rock 'n' Bowl in Mid-City Monday, June 4 at 4 p.m. "to send a message," according to organizer Anne Rolfes. "It is a gathering to deliver the news to [parent company] Newhouse that we want our paper every day."

The event, which Rolfes says will be a tailgate with live music, is to be held the day that T-P employees will begin to find out whether they will lose or keep their jobs.
The announcement of the rally said a coordinated cancellation plan — of both newspaper subscriptions and advertising — will be discussed as a possible way to get the attention of Advance Publications."

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Trees and neighborhood quality

Through our work with Hike for KaTREEna, NorthWest Carrollton encourages planting TREES.

Trees reduce crime

Trees improve energy efficiency and fight the "heat sink effect" of urban areas

They slow traffic
The narrower the street, the slower the traffic.  Trees the effect of making the street feel narrow even when the surface area stays the same.
Parking your car properly ON the street instead of over the curb or sidewalk also SLOWS traffic down.

Trees improve air quality

Trees improve the quality of life in a neighborhood.
The same neighborhood without trees will be deemed (by humans walking or riding on the streets) as not as nice as one with trees.