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Friday, August 28, 2009

Call Senator Landrieu

Pumps costing nearly a half billion dollars installed in New Orleans by the Corps of Engineers won't work, says the Office of Special Counsel in a June 12 letter to President Obama.

Just as disturbing is news that the Defense Department, twice since 2007, and under two different Inspector Generals, rubberstamped an earlier investigation into whistleblower allegations.

This is further evidence that flood protection is too important for us to rely on self-studies.

Please call Senator Landrieu at 202-224-5824.
When the aide answers, say this:
I am a Louisiana resident. I demand that Senator Landrieu call on the Justice Department, not the Defense Department, to investigate allegations that the Corps of Engineers waged a deception campaign after Katrina to protect its image."

Deadline for calling Senator Landrieu: Twelve noon CST Tuesday Sept 1

On this the fourth anniversary of the levee failures, we are mindful that these failures are too horrible for us to rely on self studies.

Other news:
Ivor van Heerden and Sandy Rosenthal will participate in a forum "The state of the recovery and the levees" Saturday August 29 between 1-3:30 in the City Council Chambers. The forum of part of the "Hands Around the Dome" event. members are welcome to attend.

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