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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bibleway Blight & Abandoned Cars on Apple @ Cambronne

Abandoned Cars on Bibleway Lot
There is no license plate on this vehicle

This license plate
License plate on abandoned car on Bibleway Lot is on this vehicle Abandoned Cars on Bibleway Lot

According to folks at the last neighborhood meeting (August 31st): These abandoned cars at the back of the lot are where guys from the neighborhood go to smoke weed. They park up against the abandoned cars so they will blend in with them. Neighbors say the cops are so used to the abandoned cars that they do not see the smoking activity.   The issue has been reported to the NOPD Quality of Life Officer Eddington.

This vehicle is across the street from the empty Bibleway lot.
Abandoned Car - Cambronne @ Apple We've requested it be tagged and towed.

This is only one of many blighted lots in NorthWest Carrollton owned by Bibleway.
Location Address: 8325 & 8523 Apple St
Owner: Greater Bibleway Housing CDCL
Mailing Address: 2936 Joliet New Orleans, LA 70118

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