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Monday, September 19, 2011

Tell me again WHY we have a Master Plan????


On Thursday, September 22, the City Council will take up a proposal to allow a 190’ tower in the French Quarter, at the corner of Rampart and Canal.  While VCPORA (Vieux Carre) supports the redevelopment of that parcel, we cannot and do not support the specifics of the plans that are under consideration.  We believe that the proposed building’s design would harm the character, charm and tout ensemble of our neighborhood, but just as importantly, that approval of this plan would seriously undermine the Master Plan via a huge override of its companion Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance.


Please tell the City Council that we want to end the era of ad hoc planning and what Council President Jackie Clarkson has called the practice of developers “kissing the ring” to get what they want. Ask them respectfully to vote against this proposal by the developer of 1031 Canal.
And please try to attend the City Council meeting next Thursday, September 22.  (We don't know exactly what time this matter will come up, but hope to have
a better idea by early next week and will share that with you)
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Dear City Council Members:

I’m writing to urge you to vote against the proposal to allow a massive 190’ building at the corner of Canal and Rampart Streets.

The City Planning Commission staff’s recommendation – based on the new proposed Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO) – is for a height limit of 120’ on Canal Street and 70’ on Iberville Street.  An approval for anything in excess of those heights would violate the spirit and intent of the Master Plan, which was supposed to end the practice of allowing parcel-by-parcel zoning changes, ushering in an era of fairness and predictability to our land use decisions.

Citizens voted to enshrine the Master Plan in the City Charter to ensure that it could not be tinkered with.  Changes, when needed, should be made to entire districts, not for individual properties and their property owners.  That’s not good planning and it’s not fair.

A vote for this project would break faith with the tens of thousands of citizens who want to create a local economy driven by a strong efficient planning process.

Please, vote no to this 1031 Canal proposal – to protect the invaluable, irreplaceable French Quarter, and to demonstrate support for the Master Plan and CZO!


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