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Friday, October 23, 2009

Rocky Horror @ JPAS stars NorthWest Carrollton Resident

Rocky Horror Show
OCt 23 - Nov 7th
Westwego Performing Arts Theatre, 177 Sala Avenue in Westwego
It's really not as far as you think it is.
Earhart to Clearview across the Huey P, follow the river and you're there in 20 mintues.

Richard Hutton stars as the infamous Dr. Frank ‘N Furter, the “sweet transvestite from Tran-sexual-Transylvania!” Hutton transitions from recently playing the role of King Arthur in Lerner and Lowe’s CAMELOT at Rivertown Repertory Theatre, into the high-heeled and fishnet stockings of Dr. Frank ‘N Furter for THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW with JPAS! Hutton has been seen as the leading man on stages throughout the Big Easy including Tulane Summer Lyric, Le Petit Theatre and on the JPAS stages. This is the first role where he has worn three-inch high-heels and a bustier!

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