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Monday, March 9, 2009

Phoenix Recycling - curbside service

Since Katrina the City of New Orleans hasn't offered curbside recycling.
BUT Phoenix Recycling DOES.

For $14 a month they will come to your house every 2 weeks.
Neighborhood Organizations get a discount.
NorthWest Carrollton is ROUTE 5,
which means they pick up every other Monday.
Perfect for getting rid of weekend party debris.

I've been using the service for a year now and love it.
We are reusing our old City of New Orleans recycling bins.
Our old ones didn't float away and some new ones floated in with Katrina.
You can also use cheap garbage cans.
You can NOT use the City of New Orleans garbage cans for recycling.

Earth Day is in April, so sign up NOW.
That way if someone asks what you are doing for Earth Day
you can tell them you've started recycling with Phoenix.

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