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Monday, March 9, 2009

Church of the Holy Sand Lot

Perhaps you saw James Gill's March 7th article in the TP.

Perhaps you saw James Gill's February 25 article in the TP.

Perhaps you didn't. But you should take a look at these articles because the Reverend Toris Young's handiwork is right here in NorthWest Carrollton. We have referred to one of the Reverend Young's works as "The Church of the Holy Sand Lot". This property is on the corner of Joliet & Fig. It is filled with sand to an illegal height of more than 3 feet. The sand has been there so long that it has completely covered the drains. The state of this property has been reported to the city on numerous occasions. Apparently the Reverend Young has been too busy buying stuff illegally with other people's money and going to jail for it, and now trying to figure out how to get rid of the newly elected Cao and trash talking the constitution to worry about the impact of his "mission" on our neighborhood.

But wait there's more. Greater Bibleway Baptist Church, Reverend Toris Young Pastor, also owns 2 other properties in NorthWest Carrollton: 8515 Pritchard Place AND the corner lot at Apple & Cambronne.

The following individuals at City Hall,Winston H. Reid, Jeffrey J., Seung, Shelley,,,, Ed
received the following report and request for action on all 3 of these properties (and others) in July 2008:8515 Pritchard Place
Property was purchased after Katrina and remained unsecured for quite some time. Property is not maintained by owner. Neighborhood lost significant housing stock to the February 2007 Tornado and is opposed to further demolition of historic housing stock. Neighborhood would like to see the property restored and historic housing returned to use.
Corner of Joliet & FigLot is filled with sand beyond the allowable level. Drains are covered by sand that has run off from lot. Container is blocking sidewalk. Container was dumped here after Katrina and has not moved in 3 years. Same owner as 8515 Pritchard Place. This site has been reported to Safety & Permits. Jared Munster followed up with a report to Public Works. The container has been reported to Ms. Midura's office - Enrico Sterling.
Corner of Apple & CambronneThis site is also used as a strip site and dump site for vehicles. Same owner as 8515 Pritchard Place.

This folks is not what I believe Jesus would do if he owned properties in our neighborhood.
NorthWest Carrollton argued 8515 off of the demolition list. We have indicated repeatedly that we believe the only way that owners who do not properly secure and maintain their properties will learn is if they are fined..... REPEATEDLY. There have been no fines or hearings on this property. We were lucky to prevent this cute little house that we hope one day a family will love and be happy in from being demolished. I believe the only thing that saved this house was the fact that NorthWest Carrollton has already lost houses to illegal and immoral demolitions. And because the February 2007 tornado also resulted in the loss of a number of historic properties that were unable to be repaired. Today the grass is uncut and the property empty but at least it is secure from the elements.
The corner of Apple & Cambronne is a bit brighter these days because the Jesus Miracle Power group, in the same block of Apple, are now using this area as a basketball court. So far this seems to be a positive outlet for neighborhood youth. BUT the lot still collects abandoned or illegally parked cars that are in the process of being repaired or stripped. This is reported repeatedly to our Quality of Life Officer, who repeatedly tags and has towed the illegal cars. We thank him. But we wish that the property owner would be more responsible or the city would more aggressively fine these kinds of offenses.
And the Church of the Holy Sand Lot is still the same eyesore it has been for years.
Want to add insult to injury? These properties, owned by a "church", are probably tax exempt. So we have to harangue the city to: prevent demolitions, fine the owners, clean up the drains and remove the abandoned cars. And the Reverend Toris Young again gets a free ride on somebody else's money - our tax dollars.
This is a person who has said: "It doesn't matter what the (U.S.) Constitution says,". This not a person to listen to or respect. This is a person who should be ashamed of himself. We are ashamed to have to say he is a part of our neighborhood.
Now if anyone at City Hall is listening could we please have this criminal fined.... REPEATEDLY until he cleans up his properties or sells them? We'd like to have the properties owned by someone who will care about them like so many of the good people in NorthWest Carrollton who have fought to return postKatrina. What we are certain of - because ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!, is that the Reverend Toris Young and Greater Bibleway Baptist Church are NOT people who care, unless you are talking about the self serving, self interest kind of caring.

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Tha Real Dook said...

I found this on a site for Hip hop. they say C Murder (Corey Miller of No Limit Records fame) will be working with this guy to clean up the community. I think this is a great opportunity to work on preventing more damaging neighborhood effects dealt by this Toris Young. Dont think your efforts arent noticed. Sometime you just gotta work hard to expose your truth. Thank you and God bless.