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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Apple Street - INSULTING!

The City of New Orleans and the Sewerage & Water Board has effectively told the New Orleans citizens who live in the 8100 & 8200 Blocks of Apple street that the repair work is complete and the repairs are as good as it is going to get.

Let's review:

The levee failures after Katrina resulted in about 3 feet of water in NorthWest Carrollton. Because we are a historic neighborhood with raised bungalows and classic shotguns buit on piers most of the houses in the neighborhood were able to be quickly repaired, funds allowing.

The postKatrina cleanup process resulted in significant debris on the streets and significant truck and bobcat traffic on the streets and sidewalks as the debris was removed.

The sidewalks and streets were damaged by the by the flooding AND by the clean up. There are FEMA funds for "submerged street" repairs.

The City of New Orleans can repair less than 2 miles of Streets in the Irish Channel and call it recovery from Hurricane Katrina and Rita. But it can't see its way to do a proper job on Apple street, which was definitely submerged by PostKatrina floodwaters. But we aren't supposed to believe that the folks on the Isle of Denial are getting better city services than other areas of the city.

In case you are wondering, the Isle of Denial or the Sliver on the River is that stretch of New Orleans that did not flood PostKatrina due to the failure of the Corps of Engineers Levees & Floodwalls and the mismanagement of coastal wetlands that is or thankfully will be the MRGO.

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