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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Apple Street Update - watch it on Fox News

As anyone who lives in NorthWest Carrollton knows Apple Street has been "under repair" since the fall of last year. There was a problem with a water main. It was serious. In the process of repairing this water main, in Novement 2008, a gas line was cut and parts of the neighborhood had to be evacuated. It didn't make the news.

Early January we asked politely about the repairs and when we could expect to see the roadway stop being a dirt road and when the manhole cover in the middle of Apple & Dante would stop looking like Devil's Tower. We really didn't get an answer.

We kept asking, and asking and finally one of the residents on Apple Street was able to get a rise out of Joe Becker at S&W. It was an answer. But it wasn't the whole story. It was essentially platitudes. When you are living with construction equipment and a dirt road in front of your house and you can't trust if there will be a gas leak or sewerage leak or water flowing into the street platitudes don't get you very far. (make sure you check out the comment on the link above.)

The residents on Apple Street have had to put up with construction equipment on their lawns, a torn up and essentially dirt road for most of Novemeber, Decemeber and January. We *think* the Sewerage and Water Board repairs are complete. But the roadway repair work has stopped and started over and over and over again. Take a look at the current state of the repairs. It ain't pretty.

If it weren't for the heroic efforts of Mr. Taylor of Apple Street this kind of "service" to the taxpaying citizens of NorthWest Carrollton New Orleans would go unnoticed. Here's hoping Fox News does justice to our outrage at the length of time the repair work has taken and the quaility of work being done and the lack of straight answers we are getting. We are still waiting to be told WHEN the repair work will be complete.

And folks we are talking about a total of 2 city blocks.
Count 'em. 2 blocks. 5 Months of misery.
No matter how you slice this it isn't progress.
We have a feeling the story here is bigger than NorthWest Carrollton.
This same "progress" could be coming to a neighborhood near you!

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