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Thursday, March 26, 2009

NorthWest Carrollton in the MasterPlan

NorthWest Carrollton has photos in the Carrollton section of the Master Plan.
The photos were taken when NWCCA member met with Goody-Clancy staff to tour the neighbohood and review our hopes and concerns.
Slide 1: lovely (for sale) sidehall single on Apricot & Cambronne,
Slide 2: Jesus Miracle Power non-profit on Apple,
Slide 3 : shotgun doubles on Apricot & Cambronne
Slide 4: horrible lot behind AutoZone that collects abandoned cars and tires, that we have worked and continue to work with our Quality of Life Officer, City Sanitation, and Safety & Permits to have cleaned up. We are actually hoping that this lot will be sold to Landis Construction and be made into a lovely landscaped parking lot with dark skies lighting.
Slide 5t: new modular on Fig where we since planted a tree with Hike for Katrina. This block almost completely destroyed by fire postKatrina while the flood waters were still in the neighborhood.
Slide 6: Ashton Theatre. We'd love to see this renovated into a performance space.
Slide 7: former corner store on Apple
Slide 8: another shot of the Ashton Theatre.

We highly recommend that you take a look at the Master Plan for our area.
We are in Planning District 3.

Most of what we talked to Goody-Clancy, Camiros about and what NorthWest Carrollton got into the Lambert Plan looks like it made it into the Master Plan. The proof ,will of course, be in the pudding. One of the things we think are lacking is Green Space especially along Earhart and we'll be contacting Goody-Clancy about our ideas.

If you have ideas or questions or concerns about the Master Plan's impact to NorthWest Carrollton, leave a comment or contact us at

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