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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tear down duplexes for green space

WWL Reporting on NorthWest Carrollton. See full article below.
Rock 'n' Bowl owner looks to tear down duplexes for 'parking, green space'
Maya Rodriguez / Eyewitness News

"Within one city block at S. Carrollton Ave. and Earhart Blvd. sits a bowling alley, a restaurant, several other structures-- and two duplexes."

"If you took New Orleans and shook it up in a can, you would have this neighborhood," said Jenel Hazlett, president of the Northwest Carrollton Civic Association.

The civic association has come out against the proposed demolition of the duplexes, which are located in the 8100 block of Fig Street.

"Every house in the historic neighborhood is precious to us," Hazlett said.

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