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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kaboom @ Palmer Park

Palmer Park is going to get a HUGE, kid-friendly face lift on
Sunday, June 5th
with a 2,500 sq ft Kaboom! playground with swings.

We need volunteers to assemble the playground equipment as well as team captains for Build Day to keep a crew of well-intentioned people assigned to a particular part of the playground organized. Aside from the actual build day on June 5th,

there is also a Prep Day on Friday, June 3rd. On Prep Day there will be power tools involved, cutting wooden pieces to size, etc. It is an essential day for making sure everything is there, getting it sorted into packets for about 20 teams to assemble different parts of the playground. Also in the 6 weeks leading up to the build day there is much to be planned. If anyone feels they could be helpful in one of the following areas, we can connect them with that committee's chair:

Food (attaining food, water, utensil donations for breakfast and lunch on build and prep days)
Recruitment/Registration (what this email is all about)
Construction (obtain tools, head up a build day crew, building permits)
Logistics (secure port-a-potties, water source, trash/recycling, tables, tents, parking, electrical, etc.)
Youth Involvement (get kids involved in lead-up time as well as build day activities, obtain necessary materials)
Safety & Maintenance (first aid, safety training & equipment, develop maintenance plan)
PR/Web Outreach (Recruit music, photographer, PA system, VIPs; Develop PR release, opening/closing ceremonies, Kaboom! website)
Green (recycling, compost of food, leftovers donations)

AND of course anything else you can think of is a welcome addition to this major group effort.

Please let us know the extent to which you would like to get involved. No effort is too small.
The email is the best way to reach the project captains.

This Kaboom! build is being sponsored by Disney, the Points of Light Institute, the Friends of Palmer Park, and the City of New Orleans Department of Parks and Parkways.

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