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Monday, April 25, 2011

Overflow Parking Options

Red Crosshatching shows where Rock'n'Bowl overflow parking could be located.

Rock N Bowl Map Parking & Property Owned by the Blanchers

The lot behind the AutoZone is owned by AutoZone and used and maintained by Landis. NorthWest Carrollton researched ownership and contacted AutoZone Corporate Headquarters. Headquarters didn't realize that this lot had not been sold when the block was subdivided. As soon as they were made aware they took care of the debris and have worked with our commerical neighbors Landis to maintain it. We very much appreciate their quick and ongoing response. Landis supports NorthWest Carrollton's neighborhood watch by sponsoring our Neighborhood Watch.

The lot in front of Helm Paint & Lighting Inc. is not used at night and already provides overflow parking.

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