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Friday, June 14, 2013

Old Houses are worth MORE than charm

Taken from InsideOut  June 14, 2013 Marni Jameson's column

"It's a national crisis," said Curtis. "Historic homes are on demolition lists all over America. We have so few perfect examples of old architecture left in this country that are intact and well taken care of. We need to preserve them."
Her advice to buyers like these: "If you don't like old houses, don't buy one. Find some vacant land and build there."

Here, according to Nicole Curtis, host of HGTV's Rehab Addict, are six reasons why more Americans should care about saving old homes"

Because tearing them down is wrecking our history. Countries rich in culture value history and buildings. "In Italy and France, you see 300 year old buildings housing subways," she said. "They make them work, they don't tear them down."

Because it's bad for our Earth. Most of the wreckage will not be salvaged. All that glass and plaster goes in landfills.

Because you can never replicate these houses once they're gone. The woodwork alone came from 200 year old trees. These homes were built before electricity and were made by hand with handmade nails.

Because we don't need new homes. "We have enough vacant homes to put everyone in America in a house," Curtis says. "We need to take care of what we have."

Because we are losing our uniqueness. "There is something beautiful about traveling through America and seeing its distinct neighborhoods. Houses that get torn down and rebuilt erase that character."

Because of their quality. "When you have a 100 year old home made of timbers not particle board, it is solid. These homes have withstood decades of human life and natural disasters. But not city commissioners and other self interests."

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