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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Live Oak Canopy Endangered

We said this since Katrina and lobbied for assurances that any Oak lost along Carrollton be replaced with another oak.  But now the Louisiana Landmark Society also says that the city's Live Oak Canopy is endangered.

"Citywide live oak canopy
The sight of shaded streets lined with live oak trees is emblematic of New Orleans. But from the destruction of the longest line of live oaks in the nation for the construction of the elevated Claiborne expressway in the 1960s to drastic trimming for power lines, the city's live oak trees are frequently butchered or removed for public works projects. A recent example was the branch mutilation and root damage suffered by trees on Napoleon Avenue in 2012 during a drainage project. "It will be decades before the trees recover, and we will lose much of the scenic character of the city in the process," the society said. "

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