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Monday, August 6, 2012

New Orleans - Fastest Growing City

See details in the full Forbes article

"Results from data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau prove that New Orleans is now the fastest growing city in America, but it doesn’t just represent a repopulation of a city that lost nearly sixty percent of its residents. After being completely evacuated almost seven years ago, New Orleans has recovered most of its population – a remarkable accomplishment for a city that was witnessing a significant out migration in the years before disaster struck."

"The influx of professionals and experts into the city also caught the attention of some major companies looking to relocate. In the past few years, New Orleans has welcomed Gameloft, Globalstar, Blade Dynamics, and General Electric, collectively bringing in over 1,500 new jobs into the city."

"The high quality of life and low cost of living have been alluring to new entrepreneurs and residents flocking to the city. Living costs are more affordable as compared to the national average, while still providing its residents with the opportunity to enjoy a high quality lifestyle."

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