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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Community Benefits Agreement CostCo

If you are interested please contact Tonia directly at Tonia Pence <>

See  introductory email from Tonia below:


My name is Tonia Pence, community organizer for the Micah Project.  Micah is beginning to work with a coalition, made up of neighborhood associations, churches, schools, community members, and organizations to create a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA)  with Costco.  A CBA is a legally binding agreement between the developer and a coalition to ensure livable wage jobs, training programs, hire first, education and community enhancement projects are provide to impacted communities.

We want to ensure all members of the communities impacted by Costco have access to the jobs and benefits Costco has verbally promised.  Now is the time to organize and make sure all voices are heard. 

Please join us  Monday, August 13 from 12:00 - 1:30pm at Brooks Shaw Temple Church, 8818 Pear Street,

If you have any questions or want to speak with me on this, please give me a call 504-496-2119.

See you Monday,

Tonia Pence
Community Organizer
The Micah Project
A Federation of the PICO Network

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