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Friday, November 27, 2009

Security Camera Options

Information provided at Neighborhood Rep seminar by Nick Tassin of Tassin Security Systems

o Cameras can be mounted inside or on homes, private poles erected on-site, even public utility poles with Entergy's permission
o Possible to outfit a vehicle with discreet cameras giving 360-degree view, enabling mobile surveillance (DVR can run on batteries for days)
o Viewing possible over Internet (slower frame rate) or any computer network (faster), with passwords for each authorized viewer/operator
o All cameras constantly recorded on DVR (hard drive-based recorder) in real time, with time stamp & watermark for use as evidence at trial
o Footage easily stored, replayed, downloaded or 'burned' onto DVD, or emailed to authorities, insurance company, residents, news, etc.
o Each camera can be programmed to react to motion, even notify central monitoring station*, who can respond through loudspeaker or call 911
o *Optional video monitoring service available for monthly fee
o Programming can teach cameras not to react to certain areas (e.g. constant traffic on street), or block out certain views (e.g. bedroom windows)
o High quality, weatherproof infra-red (IR) cameras see clearly at night in B/W, and in full color by day, always recorded in full resolution
o Clarity of modern cameras permits long-range observation, sharp enough to see license plate numbers, faces, etc., over a block away
o System expandable from one camera to many as budget allows; DVR models available 4-, 8-, 12- or 16-camera capable
o Multiple remote camera installations can be grouped together on one screen, where operator can also pan/tilt/zoom each PTZ camera
o Tassin Security Systems offers turnkey systems - everything from design, purchase, install, setup, program, automate, monitor, upgrade, etc.
o References available upon request

If you are interested in Security Cameras for your property please follow up directly with Mr. Tassin if you want more information.

Nick Tassin
Tassin Security Systems (504-488-9664)
Office: 504-831-2599
Cell: 504-833-9664
Fax: 504-831-2960
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 55355, Metairie, LA 70055-5355

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