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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Junked and Abandoned Vehicle

From: NorthWest Carrollton Crime Liasion
Subject: car list for November
Date: Nov 22, 2009 2:46 PM
Good Afternoon!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Another short list of cars...I don't think anything has been moved since my last list and am wondering if we can get these moved sometime soon:

8216 Fig Street
Gold Buick Lesabre
Officer Eddington: This car was parked in front of 2421 Cambronne and reported several times. He moved it in front of his mom's house on Fig but it is still in the same condition.

2709 Dante Street
White Park AVenue
LA# RHN056

2709 Dante Street
Navy Blue Compactt
Smashed Windshield and Wrecked
Sitting in Driveway
Officer Eddington: this address is next door to Mr. Russell...coincidence?

8419 Belfast Street
Blue LeSabre
LA# IXR998

Corner of Cambronne and Claiborne - 8415 Claiborne Avenue
there are multiple vehicles inside his yard and on the side of the house on Cambronne...a trailer and an old dump truck. It looks like a junk yard and we would like him to clean it up...anything you can do? He has been notorious for parking abandon vehicles on Cambronne and we have managed to get them towed, so now he is just dragging them inside his fenced yard.

2421 Cambronne Street
Blue Ford Taurus
GA# ATT7178

2519 Cambronne Street
Green-Blue Buick parked on sidewalk (same guy who parked him LeSabre at his mama's on Fig
LA# ONV682

Corner Belfast/Cambronne ajacent to an empty lot
White Grand Am
LA# RZA811

2429-31 Joliet Street
Blue Ford Pick-up
LA# XO75929

Thanks so much. I hope you are doing well and will eat lots and lots of Turkey!
Kindest Regards,

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