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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ramped corner to no where - Fig & Joliet

We have more than one lovely sign indicating that minor streets and sidewalk repairs are underway in our neighborhood. This is good news. For the most part, any infrastructure repair in our neighborhood is good news. Especially since we are in a part of the city where some streets have curbs and drains and some streets have neither. Am I the only one who wonders why that's not the case in Lake Vista or the Garden District? But I digress.

FEMA did the initial assessment on sidewalk damage. And we all know how logically FEMA works. So I'm sure this one thing contributing to the arbitrary nature of the repairs.

But folks this is ridiculous.
Joliet Road Cut
We've complained to the City, for literally years, about this empty lot with its illegally high mountain of sand, an abandoned car and container. But so far nothing has happened.
EXCEPT that the sidewalk repairs have created the equivalent of a "Road Cut" on the Joliet side of the mountain of sand. What we are guaranteed is that this new sidewalk will very shortly be covered over with sand... again and that this sand will be making its way to covering over the storm drain... again.

But wait there's more.
Joliet @ Fig ramped corner to no where
The repairs on Joliet have exacerbated the problem on Fig. The repairs have created a ramp to no where. You can't see the sidewalk on Fig because of its has been overwashed with sand and now new sand from the "Road Cut" made into the mountain of sand is covering up the grass.

When is something going to be done about this Vacant lot? Vacant lots are blight too. This lot is blighted and owned by infamous Toris Young's BibleWay Baptist Church.

But wait there's even more. What we were told when we asked about having the owner of the lot fined and the sidewalk restored was that sidewalk repairs are the responsibility of the property owner. Now if this is the case why isn't it the property owners responsibility to get the dollars from FEMA to repair the sidewalk? Why is the city "doing this for us" if the city has no responsibility for sidewalks? I don't know. Apparently I'm not smart enough for the bureaucracy.

Could someone at City Hall PLEASE, PLEASE, do something about the Lot on the corner of Cambronne and Fig. One day we'd like to see the rest of the sidewalk. Even it it isn't as lovely as the sections of sidewalk provided to us by FEMA.

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