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Thursday, July 30, 2009

No one should have to live on a porch

From: NorthWest Carrollton
Cc: Shelley S. Midura; Arnie Fielkow; Jackie B. Clarkson; Major Bruce Little; Officer Wilford Eddington
Sent: Mon Jul 27 08:10:15 2009
Subject: Homeless Assistance

We are writing in the hope that you can assist someone who is homeless and camping out in the 8400 block of Apple Street (odd number side). This man literally lives on the porch of an empty house (there are no numbers on the house. The front doors are boarded). He says the owner has indicated that this is OK. It is not OK. Drug deals go down regularly at the corner of Apple & Joliet (2 doors away from the porch
next to the Aston Theatre). We are working with NOPD on this problem. The man says he does "repair work" from the porch. He handles weed whackers, watches, busted bicycles, bits of brass. The "repair process" results in unhealthy oily waste being left behind on the porch and sidewalk. Another concern is that the goods he deals in may be stolen.

NOPD has been called a number of times. NOPD moves him along and he comes back. He has no where else to go. We are hoping that Unity can assist in finding him someplace to live that isn't squatting in the open on the porch of a vacant propery. We are also hoping that since this fellow says he has the capacity to do repair work that it might be possible for him to get employment that will eventually allow him to pay to put a roof over his own head. No one should live on a porch.

Representatives of NorthWest Carrollton
bounded by Earhart-Carrollton-Claiborne-Leonidas

From: "Amy E. Chandler"
Sent: Jul 28, 2009 10:43 AM
Cc: Arnie Fielkow , "Shelley S. Midura" , "Jackie B. Clarkson" , "Deborah J. Langhoff"
Subject: RE: Homeless Assistance

Thank you for the email. I've forwarded this information on to Martha
Kegel of Unity. She and her staff will be getting in touch with this
individual to assess his needs and see what resources they can provide.
This may take a week or two.
I will pass on any further information that I get.
Thank you,
Amy Chandler
Legislative Director
Councilmember Shelley Midura
District "A", City of New Orleans
Office 504.658.1010
Fax 504.658.1016

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