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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lutheran Volunteers in NorthWest Carrollton

Maybe you saw the story in the newspaper about 37000 Lutherans converging on New Orleans.

Today we had 40 volunteers working in NorthWest Carrollton. They painted the dance studio on Apple & Cambronne, right across from the Ashton Theatre. They cleaned ALL the drains on Apple Street and many on Joliet and Nelson and Leonidas as well. They helped us pass our our Night Out Against Crime Flyers. They picked up trash as they passed out flyers. Tomorrow a different group will be putting the second coat on the Dance Studio and will continue the drain cleanouts.

It is probably hard for them to imagine the HUGE! difference this kind of attention makes to our little corner of the world. It is not possible to say THANK YOU enough.

Here are today's hardworkers at a well deserved lunch
Lutherans Lunch  7-23-09
We are doing our best to RECLAIM APPLE. We will be planting trees in the neighborhood in November. Chef Seaton (who lives on Apple) is working with all the home owners and trying to get folks to agree to plant bright pink crepe mytles down the length of Apple Street.

Anyone interested in trees for property located in NorthWest Carrollton bounded by Earhart-Carrollton-Claiborne-Leonidas can leave a comment on this post and we'll get back to you with a form.

Lutherans on Carrollton

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