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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Freedom to do anything they want

The Chin Family owns property in NorthWest Carrollton: Property on Belfast. Property on Apple.

The City of New Orleans has allowed these properties to languish and decay, essentially allowing the property owners to do anything they want. The Chins have gotten away everthing from doing nothing to endless code and health violations and now illegal demolisions. In addition to the city allowing the Chins YEARS to demolish their property by neglect, now the city has either helped with the demolitions (Belfast) or allowed them to take place illegally (Apple). The rights and freedoms of others, to live in a neighborhood without code violations, to have rule of law in their city, to have their property values protected, well those don't seem to matter much.

The Apple Street property was demolished without a permit on July 2nd.
The Belfast Properties had their stability compromised essentially overnight, after almost 4 years of neglect and the city was forced to take them down. Then after the demolition the debris of these 2 properties sat for nearly a week.
This brings the total to 3 properties demolished without permits.

The Apple St property had been through the Admin Adjudication process in March. We've asked for updates and have received nothing. Additionally the property had been through the same process the year before and the order NEVER signed off by Code Enforcement thus allowing the property to slide into further decay. The City enables these people to continue to do as they please, putting the rest of the neighborhood at the mercy of their whims and the City's inability or unwillingness to fine the owner, who just so happened to be a major campaign contributor to the Nagin camp.

A formal Public Records request was made for all communications in regards to 8400 and 8404 Belfast St between the City of New Orleans and the Chin Family. There has been no response from the City. Another request will be filed for the communications on Apple St.

This family has willfully allowed these properties to fester, ignored or evaded fines, and eventually did what they sought to do all along.

On this Fourth of July let's all celebrate our freedoms!

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