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Saturday, April 28, 2007

PostKatrina Planning & NORA

What a shame that the NORA description of District 3 misrepresents the makeup of the Broadmoor and West Carrollton Areas (including NorthWest Carroltlon) ,HollyGrove and Dixon so badly AND that it equally misrepresents the impact the storm had on us. Additionally you would never know by reading the description that when you look at a MAP and the statisics at least half of District 3 was serioulsy impacted by the levee failures postKatrina.

The statistics at the bottom of the NORA page indicate that the district was seriously impacted as well. While Broadmoor has gotten much of the press associated with postKatrina impact and recovery, Broadmoor was not the only area impacted. Many areas of District 3 while working hard to recover are still only at the 50% recovered mark, despite our proximity to the "sliver on the river". At this point in New Orleans history and in at this point in the postKatrina recovery efforts it sad that District 3's diversity and the needs associated with that diversity can not be better communicated. District 3 has always been a tale of 2 cities, but never more so than now. If NORA is to be our new new knights in shinning armor we should be very afraid..... because it seems the emperor still has no clothes.

NORA, You can do better.

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