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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Recognition by and work with the Preservation Resource Center (PRC)

In August 2006 NorthWest Carrollton was recognized in the Preservation Resource Center’s – Gulf Coast Recovery – One Year later with this write up:
“North of Claiborne Avenue about half of the homes flooded. A newly-formed neighborhood association – Northwest Carrollton Civic Association – has responded to the crisis by organizing workshops and participating in the city’s planning initiative. They have set up a Web site for neighbors to post blogs and distributed crime-prevention flyers with relevant phone numbers, Web sites and recommended citizen action. Neighbors stood fast and succeeded in gaining a neighborhood-friendly design for a proposed Walgreens at a busy intersection at the end of the historic St. Charles streetcar line.”

In September, NorthWest Carrollton worked with the PRC (Preservation Resource Center) to highlight the efforts to save a historic home on Cambronne. It was the best attended PRC Renovators Happy Hour at that date.

We hope to soon be working with the PRC’s Rebuilding Together Program to help low income senior members repair and maintain their homes. See this web site for more details.:

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