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Monday, April 30, 2007

Planning Recovery: Lambert & UNOP and Apple Street

In May of 2006 NorthWest Carrollton started actively working with the City Council’s Planning Team lead by Paul Lambert & Shelia Danzey. Ideas and concerns were shared at neighborhood meeting in June and July. During the August neighborhood meeting detailed plans were shown for West Carrollton/Leonidas and other Planning District 3 neighborhoods. A project to revive the NorthWest Carrollton section of Apple Street is included in these plans.

In October 2006 the final Lambert Plans were posted to this web site . These the official Neighborhood Recovery Plans of the City of New Orleans that were unanimously approved by the New Orleans City Council and accepted by the Louisiana Recovery Authority on November 6th, 2006. While having our hopes documented in these plans does not automatically provide funding for revitalization efforts for Apple Street, it is an important first step.

NorthWest Carrollton continued to participate in the UNOP process. Our participation was primarily to assure that the work we had done with the City Council / Lambert planning efforts were not lost in the process and to ensure that other “Dry” neighborhoods didn’t make decisions for our recovering neighborhood.

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