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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Zoning Ordinance Meeting

We are up against a City Hall deadline to send in our comments on the Proposed Zoning Ordinance before November 30, 2013. 
The City had a public presentation and a Q&A of the proposed Zoning Ordinance last week.  Some of us were present.

Some of the proposed changes have an influence on the quality of life in the Carrollton Area.

Please go to this CPC website  This 575 page document will give you a lot of details.

Some of the most important changes in favor of residents is the Citizen input and storm water management issues (paving of yards, etc). 

When adopted anyone needing a variance must meet with neighborhood before they submit to the City.


Please become familiar and attend a meeting to hear and discuss some of the issues with other Carrollton residents . 

This not a meeting organized by the City and may not have people from City Hall. 

This is a meeting to develop consensus and exchange opinions of what we all understand the new rules will / may be / what we may wish to have CPC change.



                                                ST. ANDREW’S PARISH HALL

                                                            8017 ZIMPLE ST.

                                                   enter under the red awning

                                                               6:30 – 8:30pm     

Your active participation is welcome.

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