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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Attempted break-in @ 9AM on Carrollton

There are an attempted break-in
on October 24th in the 2700 block of Carrollton (across from Lafayette School)
at 9AM in the morning, in broad daylight.
with cars parked in the driveway of the house (indicating people were probably home),
neighbors home next door,
kids acroos the street at Lafayette School
AND 1 adult and 2 small children in the house.

After hearing the sound of broken glass, the adult and children came downstairs to check things out and found the perp standing on the brick wall shared with the neighbors breaking the window with a brick.

The adult ran upstairs, pushed the panic alarm, locked herself in the closet with the children and called 911.
This was NOT the backyard, NOT out of sight. This was the driveay with all the traffic of Carrollton Avenue flowing by, pedestrians & cars.
It was brazen and in its brazenesss all the more scary.
So very often the victims are blamed somehow for the crime.  They should have been more diligent, more aware, more alert, more prepared.  What more could these victims have done? 
Too often there is too little followup.  This is not to say that the NOPD can quickly catch every criminal after the act. BUT at the very least those of us who participate in Neighborhood Watch activity should be TOLD when this kind of activity is taking place in our neighborhoods.   On this event we have not heard (except from the victims) a peep. And that is sad. Sad and unacceptable.  IF we are all in this together then we are all in this together. Otherwise we are either a perp or a vic.


MacKenzie said...

How do you think that this lack of communication between the NOPD and the neighborhood watch folks can be solved?

NorthWest Carrollton said...

NOPD says this is the answer

And Crime Mapping is useful... but cold and lacks details that could be helpful to engage neighbors. Face to face is what matters... but with so few police how is there time.

The neighborhood watch meeting we held with NOPD officers in attendance was good but...

Interaction - person to person is waht makes community.

Short answer I don't know.