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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Carrollton Wrecking - Commercial Blight

This property was reported and sighted for Blight once this year.
The photos and issues were essentially along Leonidas

But unfortunately now the other is blighted now.
The door on the Earhart side is open and this allows entry and create the opportunity for a fire hazard as well as kids being kids and potentially getting hurt.
But it's not just the large open door on Earhart. The whole property is an issue.
The property is overgrown and the neighbors are seeing rodents and snakes.
Something needs to be done.  Again.
Location Address 2920 LEONIDAS ST
Ownership Information Name PATERNOSTRO VERONICA B ET AL
Mailing Address 5819 ANNUNCIATION ST NEW ORLEANS, LA 70115
Carrollton Wrecking IMAG2124 IMAG2123 IMAG2125

While the front of the building on Leonidas is boarded up the grass is growing over the sidewalk on Leonidas. Again.

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