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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pothole Killer: Missing in Action????

 Below is a photo of the rare Pothole Killer taken on September 10, 2012
As I understand it the Pothole Killer covers specific parts of its natural range based on day of the week. District A - Monday, District B - Tuesday.....

As we have very large CRATERS in the 2800 block of Dante and as this photo was taken in the 2900 block of Dante, we were hopeful that since the environment is so rich in the 2900 & 2800 blocks of Dante that the Pothole Killer would return.

But alas it has not.  The Pothole Killer did not even kill the Pothole over which the photo shows it hovering.

So we are sending communications to the City which will include a link to this picture and see if we can entice the Pothole Killer back to NorthWest Carrollton.


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