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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lemon Dill Chevre

Picked up some Ryal's Goat Dairy Lemon Dill Chevre
at Hollygrove Market and Farm this weekend.

I'm not the cook in my family but..... Here's what I've done with it:

Spread Chevre on Roberts Olive Bread
after thinly (1/4 ") slicing the bread and toasting it the toaster.

For a meaty version of this open face sandwich:
Create Robert Olive Bread size ground meat hamburgers that are about an inch thick. Just add salt, pepper & a little bit of Worsterchester Sauce to the meat mix.
Spray some Pam in a small frying pan and cook until medium rare.
Slice the medium rare burgers in half and put on top of the Chevre covered Olive Bread.

Make a salad
Into a large salad bowl
Add the cleaned! Head of lettuce, also from this weekend's market, that you have broken into small bits.
Add fresh arugula (from our garden).
Scrape a fork over the container of Chevre so small bits fall on to the lettuce/arugula mix.

In a Small Bowl put some Ranch Dressing (1/4 cup) and add a little bit of Lemon Juice (4 tablespoons). Mix aggressively.

Pour over salad in large bowl and mix well.

Serve as lunch with some freshly brewed tea.

For Dessert
Enjoy fresh strawberries & wedges of Blood Oranges, also from this weekend's market.

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