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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Trees for Earhart

The Earhart construction is moving along. NorthWest Carrollton has always been interested in retaining and creating green space for larger trees along Earhart. We believe Trees will help define the Boulevard, create shade for pedestrians and cyclists and counter act the heat sink affect of the large expanse of concrete. We also believe that Trees help buffer the sound of the roadway and help clean the air of the pollution both dust and exhaust that results from the roadway. We want to work with the business owners, city planning and organizations like Parkway Partners and Hike for KaTREEna to place the largest possible trees at the 2 sites show below.

Earhart @ Dante to downtown New Orleans
Dante @ Earhart to NO

Earhart @ Dante to Jefferson Parish
Dante @ Earhart to Jefferson Parish

What we've discovered is that if we wait everything gets covered over with cement. We're hoping business owners, the neighborhood, non-profits and city government can work together to make the newly repaired section of Earhart as green and clean as possible.

We are specifically interested in understanding how the sections of Earhart that formerly had greenspace between the sidewalk and the street (and now do not) will be handled. We hope this green space is not just lost forever but can be somewhat mitigated by tree plantings on the edges of the business parking areas.

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