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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

NOPD please take me away....

Massachusetts Plate Pritchard Place @ Cambronne
Car has been here for more than 6 months

8300 block of Pritchard @ Cambronne

Jeep has been on Dublin @ Apricot for more than 3 months.
At least its facing in the right direction and isn't parked on the grass.
Dublin @ Apricot (at least it's facing in the right direction and isn't on the grass)

8317 Nelson - The Truck has been there so long it's on the aerial photo used on the Assessor's website.

2900 Block of Joliet near Fig in front of empty lot
2900 Block of Joliet

Dublin @ Nelson. And it's parked facing the wrong direction. You think it doesn't matter but it does. Especially when there are one way streets and 2 way streets in a neighborhood. Cars facing in the wrong direction are dangerous.

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