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Sunday, July 18, 2010

NOPD Community Outreach Coordinator - 2nd District


Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sergeant Robert
Kirton. I am the newly assigned Community Outreach Coordinator for the
Second District. This position has been established, by
Superintendent Serpas, in order to focus on the quality of life issues
that you may face as a resident of the Second District.

The strategy of the CoCo Sergeant is to build confidence in the
department by developing relationships with the residents and business
owners. To that end, I will be personally available to answer your
questions and relay your concerns to the District Commander, Captain
Darryl Albert and Chief Serpas.

I will be attending your neighborhood meetings along with my Quality
of Life Officers, Wilfred Eddington and Edgar Staehle. However, you
may feel free to call me personally, at the numbers provided below,
anytime you have a question or a concern.

In conclusion, I would ask that you please forward me a copy of the
times and locations for your neighborhood meetings. I am looking
forward to meeting you and working together to make a Greater New

Thank you,

Sergeant Robert W. Kirton, III
Community Outreach Coordinator
2nd District
4317 Magazine Street
NOLA 70115
Off. 658-6020
Cell. 239-0327

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