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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Auto burglaries - GPS

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to take this time to inform you of a recent problem we have
been experiencing throughout District. We have been having a number
of reports of auto burglaries. In most of these cases the preferred
item has been GPS systems which are mounted to the vehicles
windshield. I would suggest that if you have this sort of device, you
remove it entirely (suction cup mount as well) and place it out of
sight when not in use. Also, please don’t leave anything valuable
(laptops, purses, etc.) lying in plain sight when you are away from
your car. Let’s not make it easy for them.

Thank you,

Sergeant Robert W. Kirton, III
Community Outreach Coordinator
2nd District
4317 Magazine Street
NOLA 70115
Off. 658-6020
Cell. 239-0327

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