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Saturday, September 12, 2009

NorthWest Carrollton participates in Code Enforcement Workshop

The addresses below were on the final 10 Worst List that we submitted to Code Enforcement. If city inspections find these properties violate Section 26 then they will be part of a mass adjudication hearing hear November 9-13 at Maria Goretti Church 7300 Crowder Blvd New Orleans East
8300 Block of Apple @ Dante : In the hope of a better use for a historic building

8200 Block of Apricot : Single Property Owner Multiple Properties - Jefferson Parish Owner.

8300 Block of Nelson : To show houses that can be demolished AND houses that should be saved.

8400 Block of Apple , both sides of the street : Supporting local businesses and artists and fighting crime

8400 Block of Apricot: car repair lot, crime, drugs, dogs - now vacant.

8502 Pritchard Place: The Road Home is definitely part of the problem.

These Properties must be handled through other channels because they are occupied:
8300 Block of Fig : Too many code violations to count

8100 Block of Apple : Fighting drug dealers

8200 Block of Nelson : Fighting drug dealers

8117-19 Belfast : Showing sometimes the blight is in the back of the house

Because this property is a vacant lot it is handled by another department AND NOT part of the adjudication hearing process.
Corner of Joliet & Fig : The Container Problem & missing sidewalks

And then there is the parking problem.

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