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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Why the name NorthWest Carrollton?

Many people have wondered about the name NorthWest Carrollton?
Before Katrina there was no NorthWest Carrollton.

Isn't this area Hollygrove? Well no actually it isn't. As the map shows this area is a part of the West Carrollton/Leonidas census tract. We are the little "northern" penisula of West Carrollton that hangs over Claiborne Avenue.

Additionally, this area is part of the Carrollton Historic Register Neighborhood. Please note that the PRC's current map shows the same boundaries and this crosses Claiborne and extends to Fig. PostKatrina this area was one of the areas the Bring New Orleans Back Commission said needed to "prove our viability".
Green DOT & prove your viability Map
If we were going to prove our viability, folks needed to know exactly where we are located. PreKatrina this area did not have any kind of name recognition. So a critical part of establishing the neighborhood organization and being able to lobby for our area was establishing a name that has finally become readily used and recognizable.

As Stephanie Bruno indicated in her her recent article in the InsideOut we've built community. We have name recognition and now we're about to be discovered.

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