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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Special Public Forum LSU/VA Hospitals

Alternate Proposals
(Left) LSU/VA Proposal - Lower Mid-City demolished, Charity abandoned
(Right) FHL/RMJM Proposal - Compromise on Lower Mid-City, Charity saved

To Whom It May Concern:

Just weeks ago, your organization joined a powerful coalition of 60 other community groups to make three general demands of our municipal and state leadership. Because of our collective voices, the City Planning Commission has delivered on the request for a public hearing to present the two competing proposals for the restoration of health care institutions to New Orleans. We’re writing to ask for your help. We need you to urge your membership to attend this critical hearing.

It is now up to us to make certain – not just that this hearing is comprehensive and legitimate – but also that the City Planning Commission and its staff meet their obligation and responsibility to the public as the city’s department of planning experts. A public forum alone does not guarantee the reasonable, independent analysis of the competing hospital plans we need to ensure that officials are making the best possible choice for the best possible outcome for residents and taxpayers.

This is what we should expect our City Planning Commission to accomplish:

1. Include both the FHL/RMJM and LSU/VA site proposals in the Master Plan planning process in order to determine the impact the projects will have on Mid-City, the Central Business District, and the City of New Orleans.

2. Use the testimony presented and the materials submitted at this public hearing to produce a recommendation to City Council concerning which of the hospital proposals is in the best interest of Mid-City, the CBD, and the City of New Orleans.

3. Request the City Council to hold a public hearing on the recommendations presented to them by the Commission in order that the Council will be in a position to adopt a resolution expressing its opinion on which hospital proposal is in the best interest of Mid-City, the CBD, and the City of New Orleans.

We need your help to organize and mobilize!
Make sure that you and everyone in your organization is informed and prepared to attend this pivotal civic event.


Bill Borah, Smart Growth For Louisiana
Walter Gallas, National Trust for Historic Preservation

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