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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fig Street Follies

From: NorthWest Carrollton
To: Shelley, Joe, Robert, Andrew
Cc: action reporter , TP FIX THIS ,
Subject: Re: 8100 Block of Fig Street
Date: Apr 24, 2009


S&W Board has been busy on Fig Street. The large hole is now paved over. Unfortunately the leak is still there. This is NOT rainwater. This is a leak.

The section of the block closer to Carrollton and across the street from Ye Olde College Inn also has some lovely work.

Please note that sand and gravel have been spread over what was a lovely algae covered hole.

Please note the leak is still here too.

Please note how the sand is piled up so that when it rains it is going to wash into the drain and totally block it up so that one day when the leaks are repaired what we will have instead is a backed up drain and a still flooded street!!!!!

Please see the photo of Ms. Robinson who lives in the 8100 Block of Fig.

Her home was destroyed by fire, rebuilt and now she is living in a block where S&W Board has torn up the street and not repaired serious leaks and where a SHIPPING CONTAINER, is masquerading, apparently with the current permission of the city, as a "garage" and being used for COMMERCIAL STORAGE in a residentially zoned neighborhood on the Historic Register.

Please ask yourself if you would want your family members to have to put up with this kind of "progress"?

And if it's not, PLEASE send an eMail with the link below to

Jenel Hazlett for NorthWest Carrollton

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