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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blancher on neighborhood groups & Rock 'N Bowl

Take a look at a recent March 30th WWL interview

Apparently the Blanchers are upset because the City Planning Commission told them that they have to be in compliance with existing Inner City Corridor Ordinance for Carrollton Ave.

So instead of having a flat, bleak, hot parking lot with no trees (which was what was in the original plans) they are being required to plant trees and shrubs in the parking area. And this is blamed on the neighborhood group. The fact that the ordinance requiring landscaping existed BEFORE the Blanchers bought the property or started work on the Rock 'N Bowl or before the neighborhood organization existed doesn't come up in the discussion.

It seems that Mr. Blancher thinks that he should be allowed to do whatever he wants however he wants to do it. Rules aren't necessary for the good guys like John.

Lighten up John. What you don't seem to appreciate is how great it is to have NorthWest Carrollton watching your back and to be a part of the next coolest neighborhood in New Orleans. Whether you realize it or not we are VERY HAPPY to have the Rock 'N Bowl in the 'hood. We just wish you would have called it the Rock 'N Bowl and not MidCity Lanes. You're not in MidCity any more! Check out the PRC's map, you're in Carrollton now.
NorthWest Carrollton Map

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